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  • New motors needed

    We Need MORE motor size choices! This will be the fourth year I have broached this subject and I have yet to hear a plausible reason why teams are restricted to only using NeveRest style motors, standard servos, and continuous motion servos. The NeveRest motors are too bulky to perform many simple tasks such as moving a lever, operating a parallel jaw system, or powering a small linear actuator. Standard servos do not have the needed range for such tasks, and continuous servos are difficult to control, have no feedback loop, and randomly move when programmed not to do so. Therefore, there is a great need for allowing the use of micro gear motors (i.e. These motor are ubiquitous on the internet and cost less than $10.00 (less than $20.00 when equipped with an encoder). They can be enclosed in numerous 3D printed or purchased shells (i.e. for less than $1.00 which allows them to be mounted on any channel and/or plate. These micro gear motors consume about the same current as legal servos, take up less space than a standard servo, and would allow precise control of small devices needed to complete a robot Rules <RE09> and <RE10> need to be rewritten to allow a maximum 8 DC NeverRest style motors, and a maximum of 12 servos and/or micro gear motors.

    I would appreciate any feedback from other team mentors and FIRST FTC.


    Tim Griffin

    Lead mentor eTREC Robotics team 6977.
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      I agree with motors. I have same questions about phones. None of the approved phones are easily available. Motto and Speed are not available anywhere. Same is true with other phones. why can't we use any android phone? I am willing to accept that FTA will not support in case of problems.


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        You can certainly find a G4 play. Just look for a prepaid Verizon wireless version like this.


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          Re; 'why can't we use any android phone'... Note that Qualcomm is a sponsor of US FIRST and I suspect that much of the software development and testing has concentrated on qualification with phones based on their Snapdragon chipset, and probably also specific models of that product line. Might non-Snapdragon phones work? Maybe, but there are enough challenges in getting what is approved to work 'well' - I'd hate to introduce random chipset dependencies into the mix.

          Re: motors - I see a number of online cautions about using motors like those in stall situations. I remember one year my team went through about a dozen Tetrix motors due to stalling - I'd also hate to go back to those days. Other than one gearbox failure, no such problems with Neverest motors. I wouldn't mind additional choices, but they should be ones at least as dependable as the best we currently have.


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            G4 is not available at bestbuy or on Verizon. We already have one set but getting other is a challenge unless we decide to go for used one which we are not willing. FTC can specify specific snapdragon processor and we can choose correct chipset irrespective of model. Btw we have demo bot for outreach and we are able to use whatever phones available with team members and works much better than approved phone e.g. Moto pure, s4, j4 etc.


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              The Moto G4 is also available from Amazon: