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Legal Continuous Rotation Servos

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  • Legal Continuous Rotation Servos

    Are the HSR-2645CR servos FTC legal? If not, what are some other FTC legal continuous rotation servos?

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    Part of Rule RE10 from game manual 1

    Any servo that is compatible with the attached servo controller is allowed

    (Also read what is in the orange box in RE10 in the manual.

    What voltage are your controllers? (Will be 5 or 6 volts.) Does this servo use these voltages?
    Does the servo (or servos) exceed the current (amp) capability of the controller. Need to look at specs for the REV hub and Servo power module.
    Here's the expansion hub link,

    For this servo I did not see a stall max current draw in their specs page. You'll need to do more digging, maybe call Hitech


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      HSR-2645CR is a legal servo, but you do have to make sure you don't overload the REV hub.

      FIX IT used two of the 2645s on our robot last year. They were the only servos on that hub and the two servos almost maxed out the servo capacity for the hub. All our servos were carefully documented on our wiring diagram to make sure hardware inspections went smoothly.

      The other option is to use the REV Servo Power Module. Then you can use almost any combination of servos
      you want.