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GoBilda Hitec Linear Servo Legality

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  • GoBilda Hitec Linear Servo Legality

    My team is interested in using GoBilda's Hitec Linear Servo (, but are not sure if it is legal. The Illegal/Legal parts list only shows linear slides and extenders that are kits that have to be assembled. If anyone knows about the legality of these, Please let us know.

    Thank you,
    Manufactured Chaos 19368

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    I suggest looking at Game Manual 1 primarily when trying to determine if something is legal or not. The Illegal/legal parts list can offer some clarifications in some cases, but the game manual is the go-to reference.
    <RE11> Servos – A maximum of twelve (12) servos are allowed. Any servo that is compatible with the attached servo controller is allowed. Servos may only be controlled and powered by a REV Expansion Hub, REV Control Hub, or REV Servo Power Module. Servos may be rotary or linear but are limited to 6V or less and must have the three-wire servo connector.

    Those linear servos meet the rules in the game manual.