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Can Pins be modified on Sensors?

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  • Can Pins be modified on Sensors?

    Hi, this is my second year on FTC, and our team is experimenting with new stuff (primarily autonomous Road Runner with dead wheels).

    We have designed and printed our own dead wheel pod, and we have all the parts for it (omni wheels, encoders) However, the sensor module/encoder we have (AMT103-V) is providing some problems fitting in a gobilda channel.

    Here's the math: If a dead wheel is 1 in(25.4mm) thick, the encoder vertical height plus pins without any connector is 13mm, and each plastic plate is 3mm (thinner would be too weak) x2, that would be a total width of 44.4 mm, without any encoder connectors. The gobilda channels are 41mm.

    My question is this: Is it legal to cut, modify, or solder directly to pins on sensors, like to make a right angle header? I've read the rules and it says we can make wires, and solder (I also verified that 3rd party encoders are legal). ​

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    I just realized that this may be in the wrong sub forum. I'm new to the whole forum system.


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      <RE16> Modifying Electronics - Approved electrical and electronic devices may be modified to make them more usable; they may not be modified internally or in any way that affects their safety.

      Examples of modifications that are allowed:
      • Shortening or extending wires
      • Replacing or adding connectors on wires

      - all text above is from Game Manual 1
      - sounds like your pins are part of, or replacing, a connector

      - make sure all mods result in a safe package

      - this leaves the question of internal vs. not internal
      - official answers can be requested here:

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        Okay, thank you. We defiantly do not want an electrical short from exposed pins touching the chassis . I will ask in the Q&A on the internal vs external sensor modifications.


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          For other teams reference, yes we can modify sensor pins:

          Changing/extending the connectors on sensors fits within the allowed modifications in RE16. Connections to other internal points within in the sensor would not be allowed (i.e. it would be considered an internal modification)
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