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How does the Android phone store pictures? Can the Autonomous program access them?

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  • How does the Android phone store pictures? Can the Autonomous program access them?

    Our team is examining whether we can use the Robot Controller phone's camera to look at the playing field and pick out the yellow cube(s) from the white balls etc.

    Anybody know if the Autonomous and Teleop programs can cause the camera to take a picture? If it does, how is the file stored? Can the program then access that picture file? Is a JPG file stored as some sort of array of pixels? 24 bit color or...?? Can a picture be taken and stored as a lossless file (BMP, GIF etc.) instead?

    Inquiring minds (which are clueless about Android cameras) want to know!
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    There are many ways to do this in Android, I'm sure.

    One relatively easy way with the FTC SDK is to run Vuforia, then ask it to sample a frame to a file for you. There's an example of how to do this in ConceptVuforiaNavigationWebcam.captureFrameToFile( ) (note: the frame capture logic will work just as well with the built-in cameras as it does with webcams).


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      Sounds great FTC0417, thank you for your help! Does Vuforia know how to access the pictures, how to pick a specific one? And can if decode a JGP file?

      And can Vuforia be used with the OnBot Java system?

      Sorry about all the beginner questions, but I am one. I hope not to be before too long.

      I'm off to look up Vuforia.....


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        Make sure to look at information about vuforia within the context of FTC.


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          Little-Acorn There was quite a bit of discussion of this in the forum last season. Try reading through the following threads: