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  • Bulk Read questions

    What has to be done in order to perform bulk reads from the rev hubs?
    Is it as simple as calling setBulkCachingMode with AUTO? After doing that, are all getCurrentPosition(), setTargetPosition, setPower(), etc. commands processed via a cache?
    Do we need to change how/when we call things like getPosition?
    Does this only affect reads, or are the set* calls also handled in bulk?
    In AUTO, what would trigger clear/refresh of the read cache? Asking for the same motor current position more than once?

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    Great questions! The JavaDoc on setBulkCachingMode has some info, but not much.

    The JavaDoc needs to have clear answers to all these questions. I suggest opening an issue against the JavaDoc in the FtcRobotController repository.


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      You might also want to look at the OpenFTC RevExtensions project. They provide bulk read and other nice features.