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Tuning motor and faster speed in Forward than Reverse

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  • Tuning motor and faster speed in Forward than Reverse

    We've been trying to tune a GoBilda 5202 (Modern Robotics) motor with 1:1 ratio, and spec-ed at 5400 "tested" max RPM and 28 encoder ticks per revolution. We have had a bear of a time tuning this motor. The velocity fluctuations are quite wild (high frequency and amplitude) and no PIDF parameters seem to really tame it. Finally, we stumbled on the NoahBres approach for using FTC-Dashboard to tune/graph in real-time. It took a while to get that set up; and due to forgetting to uncomment the motor direction setting, I began with the motor in FORWARD. My speeds were reaching the 2300 velocity range, which is close to the target velocity Noah's setup used for this motor. When I discovered my motor was going the wrong way (we have to run in reverse), I swapped the motor direction. But in REVERSE it only achieves about 1200 velocity. I am a software guy, so I am probably too quick to try to blame the hardware, but can anyone tell me if I am justified in suspecting the motor hardware here?
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    Turns out it was a bad motor - or a bad encoder within the motor. Installed a new motor and was able to tune it nicely using the NoahBres approach with FTC-Dashboard.