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  • Backup Blocks for Offline Review


    Our programmers have a Control Hub (robot controller app v7.0.1). We're essentially a rookie team. We need some guidance and advice, please.

    We tried to follow the ORTOP Wiki instructions but we are failing at the starting gate. We can get to the landing page with the revised URL but when we click Download Offline Blocks Editor only a .BLK file is downloaded. We are unable to obtain the ZIP file that is mentioned in the document.

    I suspect that this condition is owing to a self-inflicted operator/user error but having repeated the steps very carefully we are reminded of the famous definition of insanity. Is there a step (or two) that we are inadvertently skipping such that the ZIP file cannot be created?

    Our steps (for reproducibility are):
    • Use a browser to navigate to
    • In the main menu, click on Blocks
    • In the toolbar menu, click on Download ... button
      • A .BLK file is saved on the user's computer
      • No ZIP file found anywhere related to this operation
    Any guidance on any facet of this utility editor would be very helpful for our team. We have only one Control Hub. I am sure that all of you are aware of the supply chain challenges with all retailers. At least using the Offline Editor will help our programmers to conduct peer reviews and to plan for step-wise refinements. Thanks.

    Kind regards.

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    I just connected a Windows laptop to a Control Hub running the released FTC RC app 7.0 (there is no RC app 7.0.1).

    At the Blocks interface in Chrome, clicking "Download Offline Blocks Editor" does initiate the download of a ZIP file.

    Note there is another button called "Download Selected Op Modes", which would download a .BLK file as you described.


    When you do start using the Offline Blocks, be aware that whatever Configuration was active at that time, will dictate which Blocks are available in the offline mode. Blocks (efficiently) populates the toolbox with only those commands that will be needed for the current/configured hardware.

    If you plan to use Offline as a broader team resource for training, I suggest creating and activating an "Everything Pizza", namely a configuration containing every type of DC motor, servo and sensor that your team owns. This ensures that all relevant Blocks will be available for all offline students, anytime.


    Lastly, a little secret about Blocks -- RC devices can support multiple connected laptops, programming in Blocks. Just use unique OpMode names!


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      Westside, I got confused between RTC and Gradle version numbers! Between typos, grammatical errors and now bad eyesight, I'm already overloaded. Agree fully on the the Everything Pizza approach. Thanks.

      Kind regards.