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Modifying the tensorflow objects

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  • Modifying the tensorflow objects

    Is there a way to eliminate the "Marker" from the tensorflow object set so it only sees either the duck or ball. It keeps identifying the tape as a marker. Perhaps we could make it only look for a duck but we don't know how to do that. We are using onbot java.

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    Hello thensley, the detected objects are classified. We use (in Blocks presently) to check for isDuck as the criterion. We are unable to test on a proper field and therefore encounter other objects in the "recognitions" list.

    Kind regards.


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      The asset "FreightFrenzy_BCDM.tflite" contains 4 models. The last one is the tape marker, so if you just load the first 3 models TensorFlow should not identify the marker.

      You could also ignore any found Recognitions if recognition.getLabel() is not one of the items you are not interested in at that time.