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Installing CREO issues

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  • Installing CREO issues

    I created an account on PTC and I downloaded the Creo software. When I open the Creo Parametric, I get a message that states: License request failed for feature. When I click on Ok, the program closes.

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    Did you complete the "Licence Identification" step of the installation process?

    From the installation instructions:
    • In the Simple License Entry product code field, enter the product code BK390206EDSTUDENTEDK12 and then click Install Licensing.
      • Enter your PTC username (your email address) and password.
      • Click Login.


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      We are right there with you. You might as well go ahead and submit a support request for the academeic. We've been at it for days and we would not be where we are without their help. Still not there though.


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        Dakota Samuel, where do you enter this information? Maybe I need to uninstall the software because I only get the message.


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          I uninstalled the software and reinstalled using the code above and I got the same error.


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            The license key needs to match the version of Creo being installed. Once you have registered and have a login, Creo 5.0 is available from the same download link referenced in the 2.0 instructions listed above.

            Don't forget to clear out previous licenses before installation. It isn't mentioned in the 2.0 instructions but it is mentioned in the 4.0 instructions. Basically just delete (move) any files in

            For Creo 5.0 use license key: BE500806EDSTUDENTEDK12

            I found this key searching thru the PTC help forums and it worked for me installing file version MED-100WIN-CD-420_5-0-0-0_Win64

            If you still have issues, I agree that PTC academic support staff is a useful resource for resolving installation issues.