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For FTC world chamiponship, which is better?

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  • For FTC world chamiponship, which is better?

    to going to World championship, is it better to have 3 sponsors, or have some business waiting to see if we go to world. We, my team, is going to super-regionals, and we have three sponsors right now. And there was another business that would become our sponsor if we went to World. Is it ok to have a waiting-sponsor?

    I am trying to do by best to have are chances slightly higher. Since we are rookie team, and our school might not do this next year..... (I found this forum 1 week ago, so if anyone has advice, please private message me, hopefully I will know how to answer people

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    It's fine to have a sponsor that waits. Money is always better than no money. Plus, it will be difficult to fundraise for Worlds in the short amount of time you have.
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