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Congrats 4220!

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  • Sparbots
    I just watched the robot design and CAD videos, and I'm absolutely speechless. Switching between holonomic and tank drive options, crazy autonomous programs, detection of magnet balls on the field, three harpoons and a 70-inch scissor lift for crates, amazing CAD drawings and structural analysis, and so much more. Congratulations, Landroids.

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  • Skinkworks
    started a topic Congrats 4220!

    Congrats 4220!

    Congratulations on winning the Championship Inspire Award, Landroids. As a member of a team that competed with you in local tournaments, I've seen your amazing, omni wheel driven, sensor filled tank. Although I was at the Championship, I didn't get to see many of your rounds, but when it got to the end, I was in the stands when they called you to the bleachers with Dean, Woodie, and all those other famous people (including 1114). I was cheering for you as much as anyone else in FTC, and certainly more than anyone else in FRC. A couple people around me asked, "Do you know these people or something?", to which I responded (in a broken English that only the Championship can bring on), "Yes. The Landroids are this team of kids who have all moved up from FLL, and when they were in FLL, they were the team that you were afraid of, because you always knew that they could score at least 350 points, and you always knew they would come up with something that involved Pneumatics, and you knew they would always win an award. Then, they won a Google moon bot competition, and they earned themselves an FTC team. Then, when they were in FTC, they maintained their incredible reputation and just expanded to meet the new challenge of FTC. Their first year, they didn't look like a rookie team. They were amazing. These guys deserve the Inspire Award more than anyone."
    Landroids, you are truly the embodiment of what FIRST is and should be. You excel in the design of your robot, you do an amazing amount of outreach, and most importantly, all of your team members believe in the morals of FIRST. The Inspire Award (and the Champion's Award, and the Chairman's Award) is the greatest award in FIRST, because when you think about its winner, there is never any doubt that they deserved it. This is certainly the case for you, and I congratulate you. I will always look very highly upon anyone wearing a shirt with your strange but beautiful robot-head-recycling-thing.

    P.S. I hope I got your story right. I tried to err on the side of awesomeness.