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    Answers to questions about Advancement.

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    Originally posted by FTC10015
    Subject: League Tournament Ranking and Advancement

    Q: Where can I find the info on which matches are used to calculate final rankings for Alliance selection at regional tournaments that advance to World’s? I’ve been told it is your top 15 matches with the 2 lowest TBP’s thrown out, but unclear what happens to the 5 matches at the regional tournament. Is it your 10 best from the season plus the 5 at the tournament? Thx.
    A: An update to the Game Manual Part 1, as well as a blog, have been posted further explaining the rankings for teams that play in a league format. League Tournaments do not advance to the World Championship. League Tournaments advance to a State Championship, and the State Championship then advances to the World Championship


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      Originally posted by FTC1999
      Subject: Advancement Limits

      Q: I've read in the game manual part 1 -section 6.3 on advancement. However, I'm kind of interpreting it in two ways. Basically, the rules say that only the first 3 events that you attend can be counted toward advancement.

      So West Virginia doesn't have any qualifiers. They just have a state championship. We were fortunate to be selected. They are sending only one team on to the world championship from this. This event is on December 8.

      We are considering attending one qualifier in Pennsylvania on December 7 and then two qualifiers in Maryland (January and February).

      So will one of the qualifiers in Maryland not count towards advancement since we are going to a total of 4 events (1 state championship that is early and them 3 qualifiers later)? Or will all three qualifiers count since they send us to either Maryland or Pennsylvania State Championship, while the West Virginia event sends us to something different (the world championship)? This is first explained on page 22 of the manual. On page 23 there is a table that seems to contradict what is stated on page 22. Or at least to me it does.
      Thanks for the help with this.
      A: The cap on advancement listed in the game manual refers to the level of competition. In the above scenario your team is competing in 3 qualifiers. Your team would be eligible for advancement at the first 3 qualifiers you compete in. You would not be able to receive an advancement spot at the 4th and subsequent qualifier your team competes in, even if your team did not earn an advancement spot at the first 3 qualifiers. These event types generally advance to the State/Region Championship.

      Teams may then compete in up to 3 State/Region Championships and be eligible for advancement. The same rules would apply, in that your team would not be eligible for an advancement spot at the 4th and subsequent State/Region Championships you compete in, even if you have not earned an advancement spot at the first 3 Championships.