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    Answers to questions about Field Setup and Assembly

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    Originally posted by FTC8565
    Subject: Gap Between Field Tiles and Field Border

    Question: After cutting off the zigzag on border mats, will there gap between the mat and border?
    Answer: There might be a small gap between the field tiles as there could be slight variations depending upon the type of field border being used (Logo Loc, IFI, or AndyMark).


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      Originally posted by FTC9915
      Subject: Navigation Target Placement

      Q: The Field Setup Guide says "Step 6-5: The navigation target should be centered horizontally on the left and right perimeter panels."

      We have a standard Andymark field perimeter, which is made of twelve panels approximately 4 feet wide. Each wall consists of a left, center, and right panel. The field setup instructions therefore place the navigation targets approximately 48 inches from the center of the wall.

      SDK 5.2 has an example called ConceptVuforiaSkyStoneNavigation, which indicates the navigation targets are 36 inches from the center of the wall.

      (The SDK's image locations agree with the depiction of the images shown in Game Manual 2, "Figure 1.3-1 – Isometric view of the Playing Field", while the Field Setup Guide disagrees with Figure 1.3-1.)

      Which is the correct location of the targets?
      A: Please reference the Field Setup Guide, Rev. 1.2, Step 6-6 which details the location of the navigation targets.


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        Originally posted by FTC11115
        Subject: Quarry Placement

        Q: The field setup guide has the stone location next to the seam between the tiles.
        Game manual part 2 shows a picture with the stones nudged over and completely covering the seam.
        What is the official location of the stones?
        A: The Quarry should be set up as outlined in Part 7 of the Field Assembly Guide. Stones should be placed along the inside of the two tile seams.