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    We hope that teams will read the questions and answers posted in the other parts of the forum before posting a question. If the questions and our answer cross int he mail a post will likely land here, in the duplicate questions forum.

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    The Field Reset Guide document states "The edge of the Foundation is lined up on the tile tabs" and the picture included shows that the tile tabs remain visible from above when aligned with the Foundation edge.

    But for the Stones in the Quarry, the same document says only "The Quarry should look like Figure A above" and the images in Figure A show no overhead view but only diagonal views from a distance. This makes it unclear regarding exactly how the Quarry Stones should be aligned with the field tiles.


    Q: During Field Reset, are the edges of the Stones in the Quarry aligned with the tile tabs so that the tabs remain visible from above (as is done with the Foundation), or do the Stones partially cover the tile tabs, or do the Stones completely cover the tile tabs with the edges of the Stones aligned with the other edges of the tile tabs?


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      At the start of the match, should the stones in the quarry be placed on or behind the zigzag line of the playing field mats? The GM2 appendix shows the stones over the line, but the field setup guide shows them right behind it.