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***Please read these Forum Question Guidelines before posting***

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  • ***Please read these Forum Question Guidelines before posting***

    To submit a new question, you must have a unique Q&A System username and password for your team. This is NOT the same username and password used to log into the FIRST portal. Each registered team will receive one set of credentials for the entire team to share which is assigned to the Lead Coach 1 or 2. If you have not received your username and password, please email [email protected].

    Before you post a question about Strategy, ask yourself:

    1. Could my strategy damage or disable another robot?

    2. Could my strategy damage the playing field?

    3. Could my strategy injure a participant or volunteer?

    4. Is there a rule that prohibits my strategy?

    5. If everybody did this, would game play be impossible?

    If the answer to all of these questions is No, go ahead and post your strategy question. If the answer to any of these questions is yes, please re-think your strategy. Our goal is for every participant to have fun and great success at FIRST Tech Challenge events.

    **Also, we won't answer questions privately - please don't ask us to. Any answer to a question you ask us will be shared with every team.**

    Q&A Forum Tips form the Game Design Committee
    1. It is okay to ask more than one question in a single post if they are related to the same topic. Unrelated questions should be submitted in separate posts.
    2. A thorough understanding of the defined terms in section 4.2 of the Game Manual Part 1 and section 1.4 of the Game Manual Part 2 is often needed to fully understand the rules. Pro tip: Defined terms are highlighted in the rules by their italics formatting.
    3. Questions that can be answered by applying the rules in the Game Manuals will be moved into the "Game Manuals Part 1 & 2 Questions and Answers" forum thread.
    4. Questions that have already been addressed in the forum will be moved into the "Duplicate Questions" section of that forum thread.
    5. Answers will not be posted form Thursday at noon eastern time through Sunday evening on weeks that have official tournaments. The closer the question is posted to Thursday at noon, the less likely it will be answered before the cutoff.
    6. Most questions are answered by a designated member of the Game Design Committee within a few days. Some answers may be delayed so that they can be discussed with the entire Game Design Committee.
    7. Occasionally, questions submitted to the Q&A forum require clarification. We will email requests for clarification to the team representative(s) registered with FIRST.