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  • Pre-Match

    Answers to questions about Pre-Match.

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    Originally posted by FTC4634
    Subject: Section 4.5.1 Pre-Match - Setting up a Robot under the Skybridge and over the tape separating the Loading Zone from the Building Zone.

    Question: May a team elect to place their Robot under the Skybridge and over the the tape separating the Loading Zone from the Building Zone during pre-match setup? If so, would the Robot be eligible to earn parking points even if it did not move during the Autonomous Period?

    Answer: No, the next release of the Game Manual Part 2 will contain a new setup constraint that prevents pre-Match setup of Robots In a Scoring Location.


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      Originally posted by FTC9808
      Subject: Section 4.5.1 Pre-Match - Pre-Match Robot placement on the Playing Field

      "Drive Teams with the concurrence of their Alliance Partner, select their Robots' starting locations with the following constraints:
      1) Drive Teams must place their Robots, in any orientation, touching the Playing Field Wall adjacent to their Alliance's Driver Station.
      2) A Robot may not contact another Robot.
      3) A Robot may not start In the Depot."

      Question: Figure 1.3-1 shows distinct left and right positions for each team in an alliance. (ie Red 1 and Red 2) This implies one robot starts on the left and the other on the right. Please clarify that either team may position their robot anywhere in front of their alliance driver station subject to the above constraints. ie.. both robots could start in the Loading Zone if they wish.

      thank you

      Answer: Your interpretation of the Pre-Match Robot setup constraints is correct. Both Robots on the same Alliance are allowed to start in any legal location on the Playing Field. Robot starting locations are independent from the Drive Team Alliance Station position labels (Red 1, Red 2, Blue 1, and Blue 2) shown in the Game Manual part 2 Figure 1.3-1.

      Yes, both Robots on an Alliance may start a Match in the Loading Zone.

      Note from the Game Design Committee: An upcoming release of the Game Manual Part 2 will add the constraint that a Robot may not start a Match In a Scoring location.


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        Originally posted by FTC10650
        Subject: Game Manual Part 2 Section 4.5.1 Pre-Match - Powering Motors During Initialization

        Section 4.5.1 mentions that "Robots that require Autonomous program initialization to satisfy the Robot starting volume constraint must be initialized before Referees give the set up complete signal." GM1 mentions that to stay in the 18"x18"x18" sizing cube, robots may be initialized to hold position of servos.

        Question: Neither Game Manual makes mention of motors during initialization. Are teams allowed to have motors powered during initialization in order to fit within the sizing cube? (Example: Applying power to keep an arm at a 45 Degree angle to keep it within the sizing restrictions)

        Answer: Yes


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          Originally posted by FTC4634
          Subject: Human Player interaction with the Stone Supply during Pre-Match Setup or during the Autonomous Period

          Question: May a Human Player manipulate (e.g. touch, re-arrange) the Stone Supply during Pre-Match Setup or during the course of the Autonomous Period?

          Answer: Human players should not handle/rearrange the off-field stacks of Stones prior to the start of the Autonomous Period (i.e., this is considered a <G2> violation for adjusting the Game Elements during Match Setup). The Human Player may touch, re-arrange, possess, etc. Stones in the Stone Supply after the Autonomous Period starts.


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            Originally posted by FTC8397
            Subject: <G3> Pre-Match Robot Placement and <G5> Robot Setup/Alignment - Executing an OpMode during pre-Match setup

            Question: Provided that the terms of rule <G5> are not violated, is it acceptable to run an op mode during robot setup/alignment? The op mode we have in mind would not cause the robot (or any part of the robot) to move.

            Answer: Yes, there is no rule preventing a Drive Team from running an OpMode during pre-match setup. Rule <G3> e) consequences will be applied if the Drive Team unnecessarily delays the beginning of a Match.


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              Originally posted by FTC14433
              Subject: Providing a Capstone for an Alliance Partner

              My team already has our own capstone and will pre-load it on our robot. Can we bring another generic capstone for our partner, when partner is determined, use tape to write their team name, and they use this capstone in competition?

              We know that each team can only score 1 capstone, so we will only pre-load our own capstone and put that to foundation. The partner needs to bring that to foundation and push it to foundation to score themselves.

              Answer: No. Adding or replacing a Team number on a Capstone requires re-inspection before it can be used in a Match. Inspecting a Capstone that is modified each time it is used in a Match is beyond the scope of inspection services provided at a Tournament.

              Additional Guidance: The Game Design Committee's intent is for Teams to provide their own Capstone.


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                Originally posted by FTC10138
                Subject: <G5> Robot Setup/Alignment - Detaching an Alignment Device from the Robot

                Rule <G5> states:
                Robot Setup/Alignment – Teams may align their Robots during Pre-Match setup if they do so with legal components that are part of the Robot and can be reset to be within the 18-inch (457.2 mm) cube starting volume constraint.

                Question: Does that part need to remain physically attached to the robot during alignment use? For a simple example, could a ruler be placed on the robot, removed for measurement during setup, and then re-stowed on the robot (legally within the 18-inch cube) and remain there during the rest of the game. Or, does it require that the part be firmly attached to the robot at all times? Again for a simple example, the same ruler but fastened at one end with a hinge made of gaff tape. It would fold down for use, then back up to be within the volume.

                Answer: The intent of the rule is that the measuring device remain physically attached to the Robot at all times. The example of a ruler fastened to a Robot with a hinge made of gaff tape is an allowed construction technique.