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    Answers to questions about End Game.

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    Originally posted by FTC6155
    Subject: Section 4.5.4 End Game - Putting a Capstone on a Stone before Placing the Stone on a Skyscraper or Foundation

    Is it legal to take a preloaded capstone (already on the robot) and the robot loads it onto a stone at end game, before placing that stone on a skyscraper or the foundation?

    Answer: Yes.


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      Originally posted by FTC16072
      Subject: Section 4.5.4 End Game - Scoring more than one Capstone during the End Game

      In GM2, - 1. says "A Robot may only Score one (1) Capstone."

      Question 1: If your alliance partner caps a stone with their capstone, can you then lift the stone (with their capstone on it) to a new height if you have also capped a tower with your capstone?

      Question 2: On a related note, if they place their capstone on a stone can you put yours on the same stone and then lift that stone onto a tower?

      Answer 1: No, the action described is Scoring a second Capstone. As you stated in your post, this action is not allowed by the Capping constraint described in the Game Manual Part 2, Section 4.5.4 1) d).

      Answer 2: No, the action described is Scoring a second Capstone.


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        Originally posted by FTC11115
        Subject: Capping - Capstone touching the side-wall of Stones below the top-most Stone in a Skyscraper

        The capping bonus states in section that there is: One (1) point for each Level that Supports a Capstone.

        We interpret this to mean a Capstone could overhang and potentially touch the side-wall of Stones in the same Skyscraper that are below the top-most one without lowering the effective height.

        Answer: This is a correct interpretation of the Capping requirements.
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          Originally posted by FTC11589
          Subject: Section 4.5.4 End Game Foundation Moved Task - Foundation moved into the Building Site during the Driver-Controlled Period

          The rules state that if the foundation is moved out of the building site during end game it is worth points provided it was in the building site when end game begins.

          Question: Does the foundation have to be moved into the building site during autonomous or can it be moved in during the regular driver-controlled period [before the start of the End Game] to count for end game points. Thank you

          Answer: A Foundation is eligible for the Foundation Moved Task if it is moved Into the Building Site during the Autonomous Period or during the Driver-Controlled Period before the start of the End Game. The Foundation must be In the Building Site when the End Game Begins.


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            Originally posted by FTC6299
            Subject: <G29> Illegal Use of Game Elements - Foundation affecting movement of the opposing Alliance's Foundation during the End Game

            In one of the qualification match this weekend, the following scenario occurred....
            At the start of End Game, both Alliances had their Foundation in their respective Building Sites. Red Alliance got to their Build Site first and pulled out their Foundation from their Build Site but moved it well past the center line of the field so that it was almost 3/4 of the distance towards the Blue Build Site. When Blue Robot came to move its Foundation out of their build site, there was very little room available for it to move their Foundation and, or Park its' robots in their Build Site. In the process of pulling their Foundation out of the Build Site, the Blue Alliance stuck the Red Alliance Foundation. While no blocks were displaced, with the Foundation being protected in End Game, they had violated <GS8>.

            Question: Since the End Game doesn't put any restrictions on where the Foundation can be moved by an Alliance, Teams can easily abuse <GS8> by moving the Foundation close to the opposing Alliance Build Site thereby limiting the opposing Alliance's ability to perform End Game tasks or incur GS8 penalties. We would appreciate clarification on how to deal with the scenario described above? If Foundation movement cannot be limited (e.g. in end game the Alliance cannot move their Foundation past the middle of the field - i.e. on to the opposing Alliance side), should Referees be advised to leverage <GS19> Forcing an Opponent to Break a Rule, to override the GS8 penalty for the above described scenario?

            Answer: If the Referee views the Red Alliance Robot's actions to be a deliberate strategy to affect the Scoring or gameplay of the Blue Alliance's Foundation, rule <G29> consequences should be applied.

            Additional Guidance: Alliances can easily avoid this scenario by positioning a Robot to move their Foundation at the start of the End Game.


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              Originally posted by FTC8565
              Subject: <GS5> Foundation Scoring Interference - Defensive gameplay strategies

              Question 1: If an opposing alliance robot intentionally blocks the foundation from being moved out towards the center of the field, but the foundation can still be moved out towards the skybridge or vice versa, is that considered blocking? Pulling out the foundation in different directions can change the likelihood of a skyscraper falling, what if this defense indirectly causes a skyscraper to fall?

              Question 2: If the foundation hits the robot playing defense (which may or may not be moving) while a robot is pulling it out of the build site, would this be a penalty?

              Question 3a: After moving the foundation differently than normal because of defense from the opposing alliance, if there is no path left to reach the building site for parking, is that considered blocking/trapping from the opposing alliance?

              Question 3b: If the only path left to reach the building site for parking is through the neutral skybridge, but the robot can't travel over the neutral skybridge (because of the bump), is that considered blocking/trapping?

              Answer 1: A referee will likely view this scenario as a violation of rule <GS5>. A Robot that appears to have a gameplay strategy of disrupting Scoring with a Foundation should be subject to <GS5> penalty consequences. A Robot that is playing the game, attempting to Score points for their Alliance will probably be viewed as not violating rule <GS5>.

              A Robot that is attempting to Score does not have an automatic exemption from rule <GS5>. Drive Teams have an obligation to avoid interfering with the opposing Alliance Foundation Scoring attempts, even while interacting with their own Alliance's Scoring Elements.

              Answer 2: The actions of an Alliance or their Robots shall not cause an opposing Alliance or Robot to break a rule and thus incur Penalties per rule <G19>. The action described in this scenario should not result in Penalties unless the referee views the opposing Alliance Robot's actions as defensive gameplay that violates rule <GS5> for interfering with Foundation Scoring.

              Answer 3a: It is unlikely that a referee will view this scenario as Blocking/Trapping access to the Building Site. Rule <GS5> consequences will be applied if the referee believes that Robot defensive gameplay interferes with Foundation Scoring.

              Answer 3b: No, Robots are expected to be able to traverse the Neutral Skybridge.


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                Originally posted by FTC17160
                Subject: Multiple Capstone
                Question 1: May a team get more than one capstone approved during robot inspection?
                Question 2: If so, may more than one capstone be on the robot at a time as long as only one capstone is scored during a particular match?
                Question 3: If more than one capstone is allowed to be approved but only one capstone is allowed on the robot at a time, can a team switch which capstone they use from match to match?

                Answer 1: Yes.
                Answer 2: No, as specified in rule <GS3>.
                Answer 3: Yes, provided that the Capstone has passed inspection.


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                  Originally posted by FTC15347
                  Subject: Capstone Scoring - Capstones at different Levels on the same Skyscraper

                  We are trying to determine whether a Capstone can be sandwiched within a Skyscraper so that two Capstones can be placed at different levels and both receive Capping Bonus points. It does not appear to be clear from the Game Definitions in 4.4, the End Game scoring in, and examples in Appendix E whether it is prohibited to have a Capstone mid-Skyscraper. The definition for Skyscraper and Skyscraper Level specify that the Stones must be Interlocked with another Stone beneath them. Consider a slender Capstone design that drapes around the stud(s) of a Stone, hanging off the side. It would be physically possible to continue building the Skyscraper, sandwiching the Capstone but still Interlocking with the Stone beneath.

                  Question: Given a Capstone design that leaves the studs of the Stone it is Capping exposed for interlocking, if one robot places such a Capstone, and then the Alliance partner adds one or more additional Interlocked Stones before placing their own Capstone at a higher Skyscraper Level, is the Skyscraper still valid and does each Capstone score a Capping Bonus for the number of levels beneath it?

                  Answer: Yes, keep in mind that the Capstone does not count as a Level. Capstone height = Stones below the Capstone. Skyscraper height = total height (Capstone does not count as a Skyscraper Level).


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                    Originally posted by FTC12869
                    Subject: End Game Parking - Extended Tape Measure

                    Our team has a tournament this weekend and we want to check if it is legal to extend a tape measurer into the build corner in the endgame. We extend a tape measurer over the build plate to save time. We are wondering if it violates any rules and if it would count as parked in the endgame.

                    We want to confirm that:
                    Question 1: Is this considered to be "launching", or does it violates any rules?
                    Question 2: Is this considered valid parking and can score points?

                    Thank you!

                    Answer 1: The tape measure action is not Launching. The action is legal, provided that it doesn't violate rule <G17> for entanglement.

                    Answer 2: Yes, provided that the Robot is Parked at the time the Score value is determined.


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                      Originally posted by FTC6299
                      Subject: <GS8> Controlling the opposing Alliance's Foundation - Foundation in the opposing Alliance's Building Site in the End Game

                      Question: If the Blue alliance's foundation is blocking access to the Red alliance's building site in end game. Is a Red Robot allowed to push the Blue foundation in a plowing manner to access and park in their Building Site or would this contact be a GS8 violation?

                      Answer: The action described is allowed; it does not violate rule <GS8>. Rule <GS9> consequences will be applied if the Red Alliance Robot's actions cause descoring of Stones or Skyscrapers.

                      If Referees believe that the Blue Alliance intentionally placed their Foundation to limit access to the Red Alliance's Building Site, rule <G29> consequences are likely to be applied to the Blue Alliance.