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    Originally posted by FTC4634
    Subject: Distribution of Team Generated Robot Controller APK to other Teams

    Question: We created a library, EasyOpenCV, which drastically simplifies the process of getting custom OpenCV computer vision code up and running in the FTC SDK. We'd like to be able to support not only teams that write their code using Android Studio (the current situation) but also teams that use OnBotJava. However, due to the way that OnBotJava is implemented, the library runs into some runtime issues if the JAR file is simply loaded into the "libs" folder of OnBotJava. But, if the app is built with the library from Android Studio, then the library can be used from OnBotJava without any issues. Therefore, we are considering providing a pre-built RobotController APK that would be built simply from the stock SDK with our library added. The resulting APK would be certianly legal if built directly by a team, as it would not violate <RS09> in any way. However, we want to make sure it would be legal for another team to use that pre-built APK in a competition before we do so.

    Answer: While your offer to help other teams is generous, and not technically violating any rules, the GDC cannot recommend or endorse this offer. There are a couple of reasons:
    • a team using your pre-built APK may lose functionality at an event if their app needs to be reinstalled and your version is not available.
    • event support personnel (FTA, CSA, etc) will not be able to provide support for teams using this APK
    • if FIRST releases a mandatory update to the SDK, your team's build/release process may make it difficult/impossible for the other team(s) to comply with the required update.
    • the risk of malicious code, if others offered similar APK options to teams.
    If you wished to provide support for the OnBotJava teams, we would recommend creating a whitepaper that allows teams to build their own APK modeled after yours and using your library. This would minimize all of the above risks.


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      Originally posted by FTC7171
      Subject: Minimum App Versions and Version Mismatches

      Question: In our inspection report we found that the driver station and robot controller were different versions. Our driver station is 5.3-64bit whereas the robot controller is 5.0. Is this permitted?

      Answer: The Robot Controller and Driver Station app versions are required to match per <RS06>. Additionally, your Robot Controller app version does not meet the minimum version requirement in <RS02> (currently the minimum allowed version number is 5.2)