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    Glues and Adhesives

    Originally posted by FTC4149
    Q1: Are "Glue, cement and adhesives" allowed?
    Q2: Noting that the examples of allowed materials in <RM01> include both wood and rubber, are wood glue and vulcanizing rubber cements such as are used in tire tube repair kits[/URL]) allowed?
    A1: Yes, adhesives are allowed. However, some events may restrict the use of certain chemicals, including adhesives, in the venue so please check with your Event Coordinator before using these adhesives.

    A2: Yes


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      Silica Gels

      Originally posted by FTC8565
      Q: Do solid/hard gels count as illegal materials via <RG01>? For example, silica gel (at least the kind for preserving food) acts more like plastic than a liquid.
      A: Silica gels are bead like particles that are restricted per Rule < RG01.h>.


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        Gels, Part 2

        Originally posted by FTC8565
        This is a clarification about our previous question:
        Our question asked about the legality of solid/hard gels in general and used silica gel as an example. Assuming <RG01.h> doesn't apply (like if we had a sizable cube of the gel rather than the typical small beads), silica gel acts more like a plastic than a liquid. The specific item were questioning is from This item acts like a very soft rubber, but is advertised as a gel.
        Q1: Obviously liquid-like gels are not allowed, and assuming <RG01.h> isn't broken, is silica gel allowed?
        Q2: If so, where is the line between legal and illegal gels? what about gel adhesives?(we were thinking teams could cut an extra piece open to prove that there's no liquid or anything that could leave residue)
        Q3: Is the specific item we linked to above legal?
        Unfortunately the term gel is used for a wide range of products with varying characteristics so it is impossible to give a one-size-fits-all answer. But here are the answers to your specific questions:
        A1: Yes, a silica gel that is not a liquid and does not violate <RG01.h> is legal.
        A2: Adhesives are legal providing they do not violate any other rule. Gel adhesives are just another type of adhesive.
        A3: The item mentioned is a solid object and is legal.