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    Originally posted by FTC4537
    Subject: Engineering Notebook Requirements & Control Award Submissions

    Q1. The rules regarding engineering notebooks specify that they are to be no bigger than 2 binders with a maximum of 3" diameter rings. I've been seeing teams (that won awards, including Think and Inspire) with two 4" and/or 5" binders. Has the rule changed? Consistency would be nice since some teams are deleting material to fit in the two 3" binder requirement posted on the FIRST website.

    Q2. At a recent competition, the teams had to limit their control award entries to one page, back and front. Notebooks were not accepted if they were longer. Appendix D of Game Manual part 1 says the form should be the one sheet entry with extra pages for descriptions of each autonomous mode. Those pages were not allowed. Have I missed something in this rule that limits the total to the two sides of the form?

    A1: The rules regarding engineering notebook size have not changes and are outlined in the Game Manual Part 1, section 9.2.3.

    A2: There isn't a rule that states the Control Award submissions are limited to one sheet. Teams must fill out the form completely and ensure to note sections on the engineering notebook that the judges can reference rather than duplicating this information on separate sheets. Control Award submissions should be as brief and concise as possible to ensure the judges can reference the necessary information easily and quickly.