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    Answers to questions about Tournament Rules.

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    Originally posted by FTC14534
    Subject: Human Player

    Q: If we only have 3 team members I would think that our alliance team would have to provide the human player. What happens if both teams only have 3 team members, who would the human player be?
    A: In the described scenario, the student drive team coach should transition to the human player, while the team may use an adult coach of the team as the drive team coach.


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      Originally posted by FTC8565
      Subject: Crawling/Sliding Under Skybridge

      Q: I understand there is a penalty for players to walk/jump over the skybridge. Are players allowed to crawl/slide under the skybridge?
      A: No. The intent of rule <GS11> is to avoid a tripping hazard to both teams and volunteers. Crawling or sliding under the the Skybridge creates further tripping hazard for teams attempting to place or retrieve their robot, and a hazard to volunteers who need to reset the field.


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        Originally posted by FTC8565
        Subject: Skybridge Tolerance

        Q: <G26> states the game pieces have a tolerance of +/- 1.0". Is this also true for the skybridge height?
        A: The rule states that both the Playing Field and Game Elements may vary by as much as +/- 1.0 inch. The Skybridge is included in the definition of Game Elements and therefore is also subject to rule <G26>.


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          Originally posted by FTC8565
          Subject: Drive Team in Driver Station

          Q: I can't seem to find it in the Game manual, but from what I and some of my teammates remember, it has been stated that the drive team must stand together during a tournament match, however, we're unsure about how strict this rule is. We would like to know if any of these scenarios are allowed.
          - A driver team is playing from the side far from the foundation and a driver coach goes over to the other side (staying in the driver station) to check if the robot is aligned with a skyscraper.
          - A driver coach stands with the alliance partner's drive team or regularly travels between them to coordinate strategy.
          - A driver coach oversees the alliance partner's match preparation to make sure they haven't made any mistakes (for instance: if their wifi-direct connection is faulty or off)
          - both driver teams of an alliance stand on the building zone side, leaving the other side empty
          A: Per rule <G3> in the Game Manual Part 2, Drive Teams must stand completely Inside their respective Alliance or Human Player Station. Moving within the Alliance Station is allowed as long as it does not negatively impact your Alliance Partner.


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            Originally posted by FTC9911
            Subject: Elimination Matches

            Q: 4.10 in Game Manual Part 1 states "Within each bracket (Semi-Finals or Finals) of the elimination, Matches are played to decide which Alliance advances. The advancing Alliance is the first Team to win two Matches. Any tied Matches are replayed until one Alliance has two wins and advances."

            To clarify, if the first match in a series ties during semifinals (Semifinal 1 Match 1), does that mean that match score is void and we replay that match? In other words, Semifinal 1 Match 1 is replayed with the same teams until a winner emerges or do we play a semifinal 3 match with any combination of teams from both alliances?

            For example, alliance 1 has teams #1, #2, and #3 and alliance 4 has teams #4, #5, #6. The score for Semifinal 1 Match 1 is a tie. Do we play Semifinal 1 Match 2 and then replay match 1? Does that same teams have to play in the replay? Or do we play a match titled "Semifinal 1 Match 3" (assuming someone won the second)? Do the same teams play in this 3rd match or can teams swap the teams? What if there is another tie? Do the same teams play again a third match in a row or can they swap with another member on their alliance?
            A: If there is a tie in Semifinal Match 1, then the next Match played is Semifinal Match 2. Then it will move on to Semi-Final Match 3, and Matches will continue to be played until one Alliance has two wins. The scoring system will not wipe out Matches, rather it will continue to generate Matches until one Alliance receives two wins.

            The rules for a 3 team Alliance will still apply in that the team that sits out in the first Match must play in the second Match. After the second Match, and combination of two Alliance Robots may be used. This rule applies regardless if either of the first two Matches were ties.


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              Originally posted by FTC1999
              Subject: Scoring Application for Leagues

              Q: Can we write an application to normalize the scores for teams who play in meets?
              A: Teams and/or Tournament Directors cannot use their own application to calculate rankings for League Meets or League Tournaments. Every Tournament must use the Scoring Software provided by FIRST Tech Challenge which follows the ranking rules outlined in section 4.8 of the Game Manual Part 1.