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    Section 1.5.4 End Game-Cap Ball Off the Playing Field-Is Contact with a Robot Reqired

    Originally posted by FTC7244
    Question: Does a raised cap ball have to be in contact with a robot in order to be scored at the low or high height?

    Answer: No.


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      <GS11> Cap Ball Interference - Cap Ball On an Opposing Alliance's Corner Vortex

      Originally posted by FTC7244
      Question: If a red robot pushes its red cap ball up on the blue corner vortex ramp during end game and the blue robot bumps into it while trying to score on the same ramp, causing the red robot to lose possession of their cap ball, does this still count as cap ball interference against blue, or does the fact that red was blocking their corner mean that blue was forced into the penalty?

      Answer: The Red Alliance Robot is violating rule <GS14> because it is Blocking the Blue Alliance Robot from Scoring a Particle in the blue Corner Vortex. In this scenario, the Blue Alliance Robot should not be called for violating the Cap Ball interference rule, <GS11>.

      If the Blue Alliance Robot makes contact with the Red Alliance Robot without an attempt to Score a Particle, rule <GS11> would also apply and the Blue Alliance Robot could be guilty of Cap Ball interference if the contact is not both Inconsequential and Inadvertent.


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        &lt;G14&gt; Robots Grasping Game Elements - Center Vortex

        Originally posted by FTC3805
        To lift and cap our cap ball we have two brackets that raise up with a little L shaped piece on the end.

        Question: When scoring the cap ball, if one of the L brackets on the end happens to get caught on one of the poles of our center vortex by accident and we end up incidentally turning the center vortex would this be considered grasping?

        Answer: Referees watching the Match will determine if the Robot grasps the Center Vortex and violates rule <G14>. Depending on the actions of the Robot, the "L bracket" could grasp the Center Vortex or it could legally interact with the Center Vortex.


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          &lt;G8&gt; Stopping Game Play Late - Powering Motors After the Match Ends

          Originally posted by FTC3785
          Question: May robots continue to run their Motors to hold up the cap ball at a certain height after the match ends?

          Answer: No, per Figure 1.5-1 in the Game Manual Part 2 and rule <G8>.


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            Section 1.5.4 End Game - Capping the Center Vortex

            Originally posted by FTC8923
            Capping is defined as “The Cap Ball is supported by an Alliance-specific Center Vortex and not in contact with a Robot on the corresponding Alliance.” Let’s say a robot with forks lowers the cap ball into the vortex, and the forks are touching the center vortex, but not the cap ball. Question: Would that count as a capped score, or high score?


            Answer: The Center Vortex is Scored as Capped because the Robot is not touching the Cap Ball.

            There is insufficient detail in the description of the scenario to discern if there are any rule violations. It is possible that the Robot is violating rules <G14> for grasping the Center Vortex and <G15> if the Robot is entangled in the Center Vortex.


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              &lt;GS16&gt; Cap Balls in Contact With a Robot &amp; &lt;G13&gt; Robots Deliberately Detaching Parts

              Originally posted by FTC4042
              Our team is using a lift with a piece of duct tape on the end of an arm to lift our cap ball.

              Question 1: If for some reason, we score the cap ball but that piece of duct tape comes off inadvertently, and remains attached to the ball, would that violate rule <G13>, or any other rule giving a penalty? If not, would <G19> still apply, counting the cap ball as un-scored?

              Question 2: If the cap ball is within the vortex, but the duct tape is still attached and just after the match ends, the tape falls from the ball. Would this count as scored?


              Answer 1: Rule <GS16> is in play because the Cap Ball in the scenario is in contact with the Robot. The Center Vortex is not Scored as Capped because of Robot contact with the Cap Ball. The Cap Ball is eligible to receive Scoring points based on its height.

              The first instance of the tape detaching from the Robot will result in a warning for violating rule <G13>. Repeated tape detaching from the Robot in a subsequent Match will be considered as deliberate. After the warning, instances of detached tape should receive a Minor Penalty because the action is no longer Inadvertent. A Major Penalty could be assessed for affecting the game play of the Cap Ball if the tape remains attached to a Cap Ball that is not In the Center Vortex goal nor Controlled by the offending Robot (i.e., the Cap Ball is accessible to other Robots).

              Rule <S1> consequences will be applied for damaging a Game Element if the tape leaves a residue on the Cap Ball that affects game play.

              Answer 2: The Center Vortex would be counted as Capped. Rules <G13> and <S1> consequences will be applied as described in Answer #1 above.


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                &lt;G16&gt; and &lt;GS11&gt; - Robot Lifting a Cap Ball is Blocking access to a Beacon

                Originally posted by FTC5501
                Question 1: If we claim a beacon and are sitting in front of it, blocking both buttons, but the other alliance isn't trying to access it to score then does that count as blocking access?

                Question 2: We have to push our cap ball up against a wall to get it onto our forks to score. Once it is on we don't drive much for fear that it will fall off and we just lift it in the air from where we are. If this occurs against a beacon, are we considered blocking the beacon even though we are performing the action of lifting the cap ball. Can we only lift the cap ball in areas that aren't in front of the beacon?

                Question 3: In the case above, if we are raising the cap ball and a team is trying to access the beacon but bumps into us and knocks the cap ball off then do they incur a penalty?

                Answer 1: No. This question was previously addressed in the "Driver Controlled Period - Answer Thread" post #6.

                Answer 2: A Robot that has raised a Cap Ball off the Playing Field Floor is not protected from incurring Penalties for violating rule <G16>.

                Answer 3: A Robot may not use <GS11> protections to Block an opposing Alliance's access to a Beacon. The Robot lifting the Cap Ball is violating rule <G16> and it has an obligation to move out of the way. The Robot trying to access the Blocked Beacon should not receive a <GS11> Penalty.


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                  &lt;GS15&gt; Starting the End Game Achievements Early - What are the End Game Achievements?

                  Originally posted by FTC3848
                  Question 1: Our first question is regarding the definition of End Game achievements and the consequence for violating <GS15>: “Alliance loses the right to Score End Game achievements.” Since particles can be scored and beacons can be pressed in End Game, are those also considered End Game achievements and would an alliance also lose any other points scored this way during End Game? Or, are End Game achievements defined as only the 10/20/40 points awarded for the position of the cap ball?

                  Question 2: In the above scenario, could the team have returned the cap ball to the playing field, and then re-engaged it during end game and gone on to score the cap ball points?


                  Answer 1: The rule <GS15> constraints and consequences only apply to the End Game achievements that are described in section 1.5.4 of the Game Manual Part 2. The End Game achievements are raising the Cap Balls Completely Off the Playing Field Floor and placing the Cap Balls into the Center Vortex.

                  Answer 2: No.
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                    &lt;G16&gt;, &lt;G17&gt; and &lt;GS11&gt; - Robot Trapping and Cap Ball Offense/Defense

                    Originally posted by FTC5501
                    We have 3 questions about interfering with the lifting of a cap ball:

                    Question 1: If we are in an attempt to raise our cap ball or collect our cap ball and a robot from the other alliance gets stuck between our robot and our alliance partner's robot would they incur a penalty for blocking us/interfering with the cap ball lift since they are running into us as they are trying to get out of our way? Their intent is to get out of our way but because they are stuck between us and our alliance partner they have limited space to move which has caused the interference.

                    Question 2: If we are in the process of lifting the cap ball and the other alliance is trying to push their cap ball up the ramp or clamp on to it but end up pushing it into our robot while we are lifting would that be considered interfering with our lift?

                    Question 3: In the same scenario as question 2, would it change the penalty if they were still actively pushing the cap ball against us and not just letting the cap ball bounce off of us and move out of our way?

                    Answer 1: For the case where the Robot is "collecting the Cap Ball," there are no rule <GS11> consequences for Cap Ball interference because the rule <GS11> protections start when the Cap Ball is lifted off of the Playing Field Floor.

                    For the scenario where the Robot has lifted the Cap Ball off of the Playing Field Floor, rules <GS11>, <G16>, and <G17> all come into play. First, we need to identify each robot: Red Alliance Robot 1 is lifting their Alliance's Cap Ball, Red Alliance Robot 2 is playing defense, and the Blue Alliance Robot is between the two Red Alliance Robots. Here is the call:

                    a) The Red Alliance Robots are violating rule <G16> for Pinning the Blue Alliance Robot.
                    b) The Blue Alliance Robot should not incur <GS11> consequences for attempting to drive away from the Red Alliance Robots because it is protected by rule <G17> while it is Pinned by the Red Alliance Robots.
                    c) The Red Alliance Robots need to stop Pinning the Blue Alliance Robot. The Blue Alliance Robot should break contact with Red Alliance Robot 1 when the Pinning situation ends.

                    Answer 2: Rule <GS11> consequences should not come into play if both Robots are playing offense with a Cap Ball. Rule <GS11> consequences should come into play if one of the Robots is using a Cap Ball as part of a defensive strategy.

                    Answer 3: A Robot may not use <GS11> protections to gain a defensive advantage over the opposing Alliance. The Robot that is intentionally pushing their Alliance's Cap Ball against an opposing Alliance Robot that is in the act of lifting their Alliance's Cap Ball is subject to rule <GS11> consequences.


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                      &lt;GS11&gt; Cap Ball Interference

                      Originally posted by FTC4628
                      During endgame, team A is up against a wall trying to pick up a particle. In the process, team A comes in to contact with the opposing alliance's cap ball which no team is currently trying to lift. While team A is still in contact with the cap ball, opposing team B initiates a lift of that cap ball.

                      Question: Is team A obliged to remain still at that point? Any movement from team A would disturb team B's lift, but team B did not initiate their lift or contact with the cap ball until team A was already touching it.

                      Answer: Since Team A initiated contact with the Cap Ball, their Robot is not protected from incurring rule <GS11> consequences.


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                        &lt;GS11&gt; and &lt;G16&gt; - Pinned Robot Possessing a Cap Ball that is Contacting the Floor

                        Originally posted by FTC3805
                        Scenario: A red alliance robot parks on top of a blue alliance robot's cap ball lifting mechanism arm while a cap ball is possessed by the blue alliance robot. Because of this, once End Game started, the blue alliance robot was not able to lift the cap ball.

                        Question 1:
                        Should this be counted as cap ball interference even though our cap ball wasn't off the playing field floor but only because our ability to do that was prevented?

                        Question 2: Does it matter if the opposing alliance's robot drives onto our arm before or after End Game begins?

                        Answer 1: Rule <GS11> does not come into play because it protects a Robot that has lifted their Alliance's Cap Ball above the Playing Field Floor. The Red Alliance Robot is violating rule <G16> for Pinning the Blue Alliance Robot. If a referee determines that this rule is violated, the Red Alliance Robot will receive a Minor Penalty for every five seconds that they are in violation. If a referee declares a Pinning warning during the Driver-Controlled Period, the Red Alliance Robot must move away at least 0.9 m (3 feet) from the Pinned Blue Alliance Robot.

                        Answer 2: No.


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                          Section 1.5.4 - Cap Ball Off the Playing Field

                          Originally posted by FTC5971
                          My team is trying to lift the cap ball and is having some success. Now currently, we can push the cap ball against the wall and lift it off the floor; however, it still touches the wall. The game manual states under rule, "Alliances earn points by raising the Cap Ball off of the Playing Field Floor..."

                          Question 1: Is the wall considered part of the playing field floor?

                          Question 2: If question 1 is a no, does lifting the cap ball off the floor, but having the ball still touch the wall count as "Off Playing Field below crossbar?"

                          Answer 1: No.

                          Answer 2: Yes.


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                            &lt;G15&gt; Destruction, Damage, Tipping, etc. - Entanglement with the Center Vortex Goal

                            Originally posted by FTC4319
                            Our fork-lift mechanism is such that after capping the ball, the fork-lift will be lowered and then pulled out of the cradle poles. We are concerned that pulling out may cause the center vortex unit to rock/move. We certainly do not want to cause our ball to tip, but also do not want to disrupt other team's cap ball to tip.

                            Question: If our fork lift is not touching the cap ball, is it okay that the fork-lift mechanism is not fully outside of the center vortex goal?

                            Thank you.

                            Answer: The Robot's fork-lift mechanism remaining Inside the Center Vortex goal after the Cap Ball is Scored may violate rule <G15> for Robot entanglement with a Game Element. To determine if there is a rule violation, the referee will assess the impact of the entanglement on the other Robots and the degree of entanglement with the Center Vortex goal.


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                              &lt;G8&gt; Stopping Game Play Late - Cap Ball

                              Originally posted by FTC7468
                              We have a question about how rule <G8> and its penalties apply specifically to scoring the cap ball at the end of the game.

                              Suppose a robot has the cap ball sitting on top of their center vortex goal, but it is still touching it when the match ends. After the end of the match, the robot backs away so it is no longer touching the cap ball.

                              Question: How is the cap ball scored? Would it be counted for 20 points for being above the cross bar but not capped, or none at all? And what penalties would be assessed for driving after the match ends? A major or a minor?

                              Answer: The Robot backing away and stopping contact with the Cap Ball after the Match ends is a change in the Scoring state of the Cap Ball and is not allowed by rule <G8>. The Alliance will be awarded 20 points for a Cap Ball at the High height. A Minor Penalty will be assessed if the Robot's actions do not result in a competitive advantage (other than Scoring), otherwise, a Major Penalty will be assessed.


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                                &lt;GS11&gt; Cap Ball Interference &amp; &lt;G16&gt; Trapping

                                Originally posted by FTC10211
                                Scenario: A red alliance robot is placing the cap ball on the center vortex goal. The red alliance robot can lower its arms, but cannot release the cap ball. So, to receive a score for capping, the robot must back up away from the center vortex. A blue alliance robot stops about 6-8 inches behind the red alliance robot so that it is unable to completely back away from the center vortex and remains in contact with the ball when time expires.

                                Question: Is this a penalty on the blue alliance robot? At no time does the blue alliance robot come in contact with the red alliance robot.

                                Answer: The Blue Alliance Robot is violating rule <GS11> for interfering with an opposing Alliance Robot that Possesses a lifted Cap Ball if the Blue Alliance Robot is not attempting to score its own Cap Ball in the Center Vortex goal. The Blue Alliance Robot is also violating rule <G16> for Trapping the Red Alliance Robot if the Trapped condition persists for more than five seconds.