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  • Pre-Match - Answer Thread

    Answers to questions posted pertaining to Pre Match activities.
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    Pre-match: Using Gamepad During Init Phase to Set Up Autonomous?

    Originally posted by FTC8923
    During setup for a game match, teams set opmode for their autonomous program. The “Select OpMode” window easily gets cluttered with numerous autonomous OpModes. One idea the team had was to write a single autonomous OpMode that can be configured with a gamepad during the init phase of the OpMode. Assuming we don’t cause a delay of game, would this be legal for us to do?

    A: Yes, you can use the gamepad to select which branch of your Autonomous OpMode you will run for a given match as long as the following remains true: 1) The setting is read in the init() phase; 2) The pressing of the gamepad is done prior to the referees randomizing the beacons; 3) It does not cause a delay in the start of a match; and 4) The only button you press at the beginning of the Autonomous period is the start button on the driver's station Android device.
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      Section 1.5.1 Pre-Match - Center Vortex Orientation

      Originally posted by FTC11897
      Question: Can you tell me how the vortex is going to be set up for the beginning of the autonomous round, for example will it be randomized by you, or will it be set up from the previous round? Thank you very much.

      Answer: Section 1.5.1 of the Game Manual Part 2 states that "Field Personnel will rotate the Center Vortex Assembly into the starting orientation shown in Figure 1.3-1."


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        Section 1.5.1 Pre-Match - Robot Placement on the Playing Field

        Originally posted by FTC11194
        Question 1: Where exactly do the robots start?
        Question 2: If they are touching the perimeter, can the robot start at an angle?
        Answer 1: Drive Teams place their Robots on the Playing Field with the constraints described in section 1.5.1 of the Game Manual Part 2.

        Answer 2:


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          <G3> and Pre-Match Robot Sizing?

          Originally posted by FTC5037
          How is rule G3, the robot starting volume constraint, enforced at the start of a match?

          Answer: Routine detailed resizing of robots during match setup should not be a normal part of setup. Referees will be watching for significant violations. Minor concerns will be addressed by sending the robot back to inspection to be appropriately checked for sizing compliance after the match.

          An 18" stick at the field is an OK tool for verifying significant violations, but realistically should not be used to check for "millimeter" compliance. In all cases, the official measure of size compliance is the sizing cube used during Robot Inspection.


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            Section 1.5.1e - Pre-Match - Preloading Particles

            Originally posted by FTC8533
            Given that Game Manual Part 2 Pre Match Section 1.5.1e states in part;
            “Teams within an Alliance are required to pre-position or pre-load a total of three Alliance specific Particles for the Autonomous Period. Each Particle must be Completely Inside the Alliance’s Playing Field Area and in contact with a single Robot. No more than two Particles may touch a single Robot. The Particles may also touch the Playing Field.”

            Question: May a team pre-load two particles in robot #1 and pre-position the third particle on the playing field so that it is;
            a) touching the side of their alliance partner robot #2 and
            b) can be drawn into robot #1 during auton
            Providing that the third particle is NOT touching robot #1?

            Answer: Yes.


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              <G4> Robot Setup Alignment Devices - Gyro on the Robot

              Originally posted by FTC6299
              We use the gyro on our robot in order to align our robot for the autonomous period. We place the robot down and then initialize the robot. The gyro heading value is then printed onto the driver station telemetry and we use this to line up our robot.

              Question: Is this robot set up process allowed by rule G4?

              Answer: The actions described in the post do not violate rule <G4>. Rule <G2> may come into play if the pre-Match set up process unnecessarily delays the beginning of a Match.


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                &lt;G4&gt; Robot Setup Alignment Devices - Tape Measure

                Originally posted by FTC8707
                Can teams use a tape measure to locate the starting point against the arena wall during pre-match setup? My team members have been using tape measures lately to place their bot in the arena.

                Question: Does this violate <G4> or any other contest rules?


                Answer: Using a handheld tape measure as an alignment or positioning aid during pre-Match Robot set up violates rule <G4>. A single degree of freedom tape measure mounted on the Robot may be used if the measuring tape does not extend outside the 45.7cm (18 inch) cube starting volume constraint during the entire set up process.