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FTC8461 Cap Ball "Bouncing"

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  • FTC8461 Cap Ball "Bouncing"

    Originally posted by FTC8461
    We have a forklift with arms that flip out to grab the cap ball. Before end game, we want to grab the cap ball, and back up with it to get into position to score in the center vortex. One issue that we have seen is that when we drive backwards, the cap ball bounces slightly, about an eight of an inch. We know that it is illegal to perform end game objectives before end game. We are wondering if this would be illegal under the conditions that 1. We are not moving with an intent to make the cap ball raise 2. It is giving us no advantage before the end game besides getting into position.

    This question was previously addressed in the "Driver Controlled Period - Answer Thread" posts #5, #10, and #11. The question is also addressed in rule <GS15>.