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FTC11272 Pre-Match Autonomous Setup

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  • FTC11272 Pre-Match Autonomous Setup

    Originally posted by FTC11272
    We have a question about Rule 1.5.1
    After placing their Robot on the Playing Field, the Drive Team selects their Autonomous Period Operational
    Mode (Op Mode) on their Driver Station Android device and initializes their Robot by triggering the Team’s
    initialization event software. Drive Teams wait Completely Inside their assigned Alliance Station for the
    beginning of the Match with their Driver Station in a hands-off location.

    That being said, is it permissible to hold gamepad buttons down when initializing the autonomous program to communicate to the program which options to play? For example, I might hold the B button down to indicate we are with the red alliance, we might also hold the Y button down to indicate our robot will go for the beacons, etc. Of course, after the program is initialized none of our team members would touch the gamepads until instructed to do so by the officials.

    This question was previously addressed in the "Pre-Match - Answer Thread" post #2.