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  • FTC10912 Boundary question

    Originally posted by FTC10912
    Is it acceptable, and not at all rule breaking, to have the robot extend out during the game period to drop instead of launch particles into the corner vortex? The robot will have to extend to outside of the playing field itself in order to successfully drop a particle into the corner vortex. Is this ok, or does the robot, even when extended, have to maintain inside the boundaries of the playing field?

    The action described is not allowed. Robots intentionally extending outside the Playing Field Perimeter Wall was previously addressed in the "Miscellaneous Game Questions - Answer Thread" post #42.

    Also, keep in mind the definition of Corner Vortex Scoring states that Particles are Scored in the Corner Vortex when they roll under the Vortex Bar and roll down one of the Particle Return sides. The Scoring strategy described in the question may fail to comply with the requirement for the Particle to roll under the Vortex Bar.