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FTC5501 Rotating the Center Vortex After Capping

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  • FTC5501 Rotating the Center Vortex After Capping

    Originally posted by FTC5501
    Scenario: A robot scores their cap ball and then intentionally rotates the center vortex after the cap ball was already scored. The rotation was not caused by the momentum of the ball as the ball was dropped straight down and did not roll into the vortex. The rotation was caused by their robot hitting the center vortex. This rotation causes the opposing alliance robot to miss their cap or run out of time to cap since the vortex was rotated. We understand that a robot actively trying to score the cap ball is playing offense and is not subject to a penalty for rotating the center vortex.

    Question: After the robot has dropped the cap ball, are they then able to incur a penalty for interfering with the other alliances cap? There is no offensive play in hitting the center vortex at that point.

    This question was previously addressed in the "End Game - Answer Thread" post #5, question #1. The action described in the scenario violates rule <GS11>.