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Posting numbers 16, 23, and 25 in the Miscellaneous Game Questions - Answers Thread state that <GS10> penalties will come into play if a robot controls an opposing team's particle. However, <GS10> specifies a warning for a first offense and then major and minor penalties. It is unclear when the first offense (warning only?) ends and the penalties begin, and it is unclear if both major and minor penalties will be assessed on first offense (since there is a warning on first offense). Here are some specific questions:

Question 1: If a robot inadvertently collects an opposing team's particle, how is the end of the first offense determined? Does the robot have a limited time to expel the particle, or could the first offense be indefinite in duration? For example, if a red robot collects a blue particle and then shoots it out 15 seconds later, does the first offense last for the entire 15 seconds, or is it shorter?

Question 2: The same question as in 1) above, but for the situation where an opposing particle becomes lodged in a robot and it is not possible for the robot to rid itself of the particle. For example, if a red particle lands in or on a blue robot with 60 seconds left in a match and remains for the duration of the match, does the first offense last for 60 seconds, or is it shorter?

Question 3: For questions 1) and 2) above, if the first offense ends and the robot is still controlling or possessing the opposing particle, what penalties come into play? Does the robot receive a major penalty immediately at the end of the first offense, followed by minor penalties every five seconds? Or does the major penalty come into play only immediately upon a second offense? For example, if a red robot collects a blue particle, but is unable to shoot it out until after the first offense time limit expires, does the red team incur a major penalty or just minor penalties?

Thank you for your help!

These questions were previously addressed in the "Miscellaneous Game Questions - Answer Thread" post #61.