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  • Driver Station - Answer Thread

    Answers to questions posted pertaining to the Drivers Station.

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    RE16 - Driver Station Cables

    Originally posted by FTC4644
    <RE16> requires "One (1) OTG Cable" and "No more than one (1) non-powered USB Hub", can these be combined in a single cable, example:
    A: Yes, this cable is allowed.


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      Moto G 3rd Gen Phone with non-powered hub on Driver Station

      Originally posted by FTC11296

      When the Moto G 3rd gen phone was added to the approved android device list on Aug 1, our group purchased eight of these phones (with FIRST STEM equity grant money) to use with 4 grant funded FTC teams. These phones simply do not function reliably with non-powered USB hubs and 2 Logitech game pads. The procedure posted by Tom Eng on the FTC forum in early September only occasionally works. Most of the time, we find ourselves just plugging, unplugging, rebooting, etc until it just happens to work - sometimes taking 5-10 minutes. As a Coach and Qualifier Tournament Director, I know that simply isn't going to work at competition. The only thing I can find that works is to use a hub that can have a USB battery attached to power the external devices. I'm currently using this one:

      The problem is, that basically becomes a powered hub that seems to be unallowed by the rules. Can you please advise how we are supposed to use these approved Moto G 3rd gen phones and still be in compliance with the rules? Replacing them is not a financially viable option.

      Our 5th team has ZTE phones from last year - those seem completely fine with all of the same hubs and game pads, as does my unapproved Galaxy Note4. The problem is clearly the phones.

      Thanks, Jim Jackson
      Coach: teams 10780, 11296,11296,11298,11300
      This configuration would be legal per rule <RE06>d. If a user connects a USB portable battery to their non-powered USB hub, we found that the Moto G 3rd gen phones work reliably with the existing non-powered USB hub and the Logitech F310 gamepads.

      Teams would need to purchase a USB portable battery and a Type A to Type A (male to male) adapter or cable.