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Commercial Off the Shelf Components - Answer Thread

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  • Commercial Off the Shelf Components - Answer Thread

    The answers to your Robot Rules Questions pertaining to COTS are answered in this thread.

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    RE12 - Mirrors

    Originally posted by FTC9765
    Can we get a determination on the use of mirrors to redirect the view of the camera in the RC phone to allow more convenient placement of the phone while using image recognition. Rule <RG03> requires "The Robot Controller MUST be accessible and visible by competition personnel" yet Rule <RE12> says in part that "(for example: lasers and mirrors are not allowed)".

    Please provide a definite ruling. Thank you for your attention.
    A: Rule <RE12> disallows the use of mirrors for directing robot based light sources. Mirrors used to direct an image to the camera in the Robot Controller are allowed.


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      RM02 - Banebots Transmissions

      Originally posted by FTC9849
      Is it legal to use the AndyMark AM-3104 motors with BaneBots transmissions to build the robot? Thanks, and thanks for all you do!
      A: Yes, you may use AM-3104 ( or any other legal motor per Rule <RE09>) with any legal transmission. Note that shifting transmissions are not legal since they have more than one degree of freedom.


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        Originally posted by FTC9576
        <RG01> states "Pneumatics" are not allowed on an FTC robot. Can you clarify the definition of pneumatic? Are pneumatic systems defined by the use of compressed air or closed air systems? Our team is considering using a fan to push air and "particles" through an open pipe. The fan would be powered by the robot's batteries. The system would be open, consisting of open pipes and fans - no closed tubing. All changes in air pressure are due only to pressure changes caused by moving air - as opposed to compressed air tanks. The moving air would both create a vacuum to suck up "particles", as well as be able to propel "particles" into vortex goals. Would this violate rule <RG01>?
        A: Using a fan and a legal motor to create an air current is allowed. However, they must be properly guarded so that there is no possibility of these high speed blades coming into contact with a person (team member, FTA, Ref, etc.) or the field. Robot Inspectors will be instructed to pay particular attention to fan based devices to insure they can be operated safely.


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          RM02 - Vacuum Pump

          Originally posted by FTC9768
          My team was interested in using a vacuum pump on their robot. The pump they found runs on 12V, but I do not think the motor attached to the pump is listed in the rules. If they want to use the pump, do they need to remove the motor that comes on the pump and rewire it with one of the motors listed in the rules?
          A: Rule <RM02> prohibits the use of COTS parts with more than one degree of freedom and Rule <RM01> prohibits the use of pressurized fluids (pneumatics). It is impossible to make a ruling without knowing more about the pump in question and whether it violates either of these two rules.


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            RE11 - Sensors RG01- Gas Spring

            Originally posted by FTC11143
            I would like to know if is legal to use in the robot:
            - EV3 color sensor?
            - Gas spring?

            Thank you
            A1: Per Rule <RE01> any sensor is allowed providing it is connected to the Core Device Interface Module.

            A2: Gas springs are considered a pneumatic device and per rule <RG01.j> they are not allowed.
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              RG01, RE09 - Vacuum Pump with motor

              Originally posted by FTC9768
              My team is interested in using an airpo D2028B vacuum pump on their robot. It has a motor on it that looks similar to the motors we are using on the robot and is 12Vdc, but I cannot find any other specific information about the motor. Are they allowed to use this pump on the robot? If not, would they be allowed to remove the motor and wire one of the allowed motors to the pump?
              A1: The only allowable motors are listed in Rule <RE09>. Since the motor on the pump is not on the list it is illegal and may not be used.

              A2: Without seeing the inside of the vacuum pump it is not possible to determine if it is legal. However if it compresses air in any form it is illegal per rule RG01j, and if there is more than One Degree of Freedom; i.e. pistons, valves, etc. then it is illegal per Rule <RM02>.


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                RM02 - P60 Gearbox

                Originally posted by FTC3785
                In post #3-you state "you may use AM-3104 ( or any other legal motor per Rule <RE09>) with any legal transmission. Note that shifting transmissions are not legal since they have more than one degree of freedom"

                Can i assume that the Banebots P60 256:1 Gearbox w/ Moto (am-2878) is legal.
                A: Yes, the P60 gearbox (AM-2878) is a legal COTS.


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                  RM02 - Linear Actuators

                  Originally posted by FTC10421
                  Are we allowed to use a linear actuator without a motor?
                  A: There are many types of linear actuators. Without more information it is not possible to determine the legality of the part. Please be more specific on make and model of actuator.


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                    RM02 - Shifting Transmissions

                    Originally posted by FTC8391
                    Post #3 in the COTS answer thread states that "Note that shifting transmissions are not legal since they have more than one degree of freedom."

                    Post #4 in the General Robot Rules answer thread states "the TileRunner kit because it comes unassembled and is made of legal components is legal."

                    Q: Is a shifting transmission that comes unassembled and is made of legal components (all of which are available for individual purchase) legal?
                    A: Yes, teams may build their own shifting transmissions from legal materials.


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                      RG01.a - High Traction Wheels

                      Originally posted by FTC4962
                      Rule RG01 states:wheels "that could potentially damage Playing Field components" are not allowed. However, during the ResQ season, these were ruled legal if they did not come in contact with the playing field surface so they could not damage the tiles.

                      Are high traction wheels such as AndyMark HiGrip wheels ( allowed to be used as long as they do not come into contact with the playing field?

                      Thank you.
                      A: High Traction wheels are legal provided they do not come into contact with the playing field (tile floor, Corner Ramp surface, Center Goal Base, Center Goal, etc.). They may be used in contact with the Particles.


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                        RM02- COTS Tank Treads and 3D printed parts

                        Originally posted by FTC11123

                        The team is considering the use of the following items as part of the internals of their robots.

                        1. COTS tank tracks from the local hobby store for a conveyor belt
                        2. 3D printing tank tracks, sprockets for a conveyor belt
                        3. 3D printing custom sized wheels for a counter-rotating firing mechanism.
                        4. Creating a variable geometry particle firing mechanism that pivots between two positions. Mechanism will be contained within the body of the robot.

                        None of the items should come into contact with the playing surface.

                        Thanks in advance!
                        A: In the future please ask only one question per post, it makes it easier for the readers to sort and find the answer.

                        A1: Yes, tank treads are a legal COTS
                        A2: 3D printed parts are legal per rule <RM01>
                        A3: Yes, 3D printed wheels are legal per rule <RM01>
                        A4: There is no rule preventing teams from building a mechanism that has multiple positions so long as all possible locations remain inside the starting envelope at the start of the match.


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                          RM02 - Banebot P60 Gearbox

                          Originally posted by FTC11123
                          The Legal-Illegal parts list seems to indicate that they are, but I wanted to confirm that the use of 3rd party gearboxes is legal before we order them.
                          A: Yes, 3rd party gearboxes, including the Banebot P60 gearbox, are legal per rule <RM02>.


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                            RG01.j - Pneumatics - Door Closers

                            Originally posted by FTC5300
                            I am curious as the legality of screen door closers and items like that. I guess that technically they are pneumatics since they utilize air, but it is a closed system. Ruling?
                            A: These devices used a pressurized fluid (air) to operate and are therefore not legal per rule <RG01.j>


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                              RM02 - Sprag Bearings

                              Originally posted by FTC3785
                              Can one use----a One way Bearing Sprag Freewheel Backstop Clutch see on -Legal?

                              It resembles a roller bearing, but instead of cylindrical rollers, non-revolving asymmetric figure-eight shaped sprags are used. When the unit rotates in one direction the rollers slip or free-wheel, but when a torque is applied in the opposite direction, the rollers tilt slightly, producing a wedging action and binding because of friction. The sprags are spring-loaded so that they lock with very little backlash.
                              A: Yes, this bearing is a legal part per Rule < RM02>.