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    RM02 - Linear Actuators

    Originally posted by FTC5466
    Team #5466 would like to ask if a specific linear actuator is allowed and we are referencing the Thread: COTS, question #9. Our Question: Is the Servo City ( linear actuator allowed with a legal motor? We would not be using the original motor. Thank you for your attention!
    A: The linear actuator without the motor (essentially a leadscrew) is a legal COTS.


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      RM02 - Drawer Slides

      Originally posted by FTC9867
      Are COTS ball bearing drawer slides with multiple extending segments (such as these "full extension" drawer slides from Home Depot: ) allowed for use (such as in a lift), or are they considered as having multiple degrees of freedom?
      A: Drawer slides with multiple extensions are legal parts.


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        RM02 - AM-3480 Wheels

        Originally posted by FTC3387
        Are the Andymark silicone 4" wheels, part number AM-3480_50 or 60 legal on an FTC bot for the purpose of particle intake/shooting? And the use of 1/2" hex shaft for mounting them?
        A: Yes, this is a legal COTS part for the purposes described. There are no restrictions on the type of shaft that may be used provided no other rules are violated.


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          RM02 - Servo Saver

          Originally posted by FTC3638
          My teams frequently have issues with servos burning out-I was on a vendors website and found this device: (jpg attached)

          It appears to be a COTS part...can anyone tell me if it is legal for FTC use?

          Thanks in advance!
          A: From the website this appears to be simply a spring loaded device that cushions the initial shock. Therefore this is a legal COTS.


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            RM02 - Door Latch

            Originally posted by FTC10148
            My team (10148) was looking for a latch release system, and we are thinking about using this car door opener that was taken off of an old car (see attachment). Is this part legal? The latch (the part in the middle) just moves the stopper (attached to the spring) from one position to the other. Thank you so much!
            A: This latch appears to meet the requirement of a single degree of freedom since only the latch moves back and forth. Therefore this is a legal part.


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              RM02 - Exercise Weights

              Originally posted by FTC10590
              Is it legal to use simple 2.5 lbs exercise weights to add weight to our robot? Our Mecanum wheels need better weight distribution.

              Similar to

              They are tightly attached to the robot and won't move or fall off.
              A: Yes, these are legal COTS parts.


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                RM02 - Dryer Duct

                Originally posted by FTC12357
                Is dryer duct a legal COTS? Springs are allowed and it is basically an extension spring wrapped in foil material, but we wanted to make sure.

                A: Yes, this is a legal part.


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                  RM02 - Flying Saucer Bearings

                  Originally posted by FTC8742

                  We are planning on using:


                  for our wheels. Is this part legal?


                  Team 8742
                  A: Yes, this is a legal COTS part. Remember, since it will be used in contact with the tile floor it is still subject to rule <RG01.a>.


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                    RM02 - Copper Tape

                    Originally posted by FTC5501
                    Are we allowed to use Copper Tape on our robot to help with ESD on our robot?
                    A: Yes, copper tape is legal providing it is not used on the wheels or in another situation (like a drag chain) where it contacts the tile floor.


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                      RM02 - Hinges

                      Originally posted by FTC7867
                      Can we use a cabinet door hinge on our robot? It rotates 270 degrees.
                      Team #7867
                      A: Yes, this is a legal single degree of freedom COTS part.