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Raw and Post Processed Materials - Answer Thread

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  • Raw and Post Processed Materials - Answer Thread

    The answers to your Robot Rules Questions pertaining to General Robot Rules are answered in this thread.

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    RM01 - Vex Shafts

    Originally posted by FTC8770
    Are the Vex shafts allowed to be used with the VEX EDR 393
    A: Yes, Vex shafts are a legal material per Rule <RM01>


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      RM02 - Suction Cups

      Originally posted by FTC8461
      Can we use commercial suction cups?
      A: Yes, suction cups are a legal COTS part per rule <RM02>.


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        RM01 - Suction Cups with Vents

        Originally posted by FTC11296
        Would a suction cup with a rubber release nipple on the back (that could be squeezed or released by a servo) be considered a pneumatic part? There's no air or vacuum source other than that provided by the suction cup itself? Thanks from team 11296!
        A: A suction cup, with or without a vent, is not considered a pneumatic device and is allowed.


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          RM01 - Allowed Materials

          Originally posted by FTC11033
          We are new to FTC and have just received our kit. We were wondering if we are required to only use metal parts like c-channels, and metal sheets from FTC or if you had parts(metal) from another robotics competition (VEX) could we use them?
          A: Rule <RM01> allows for the use raw and post-processed materials from many sources. Teams are not required to use only Tetrix metal parts. Structural metal parts from the Vex building system are allowed.


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            RM01 - Recycled Material from Res-Q

            Originally posted by FTC6534
            With regards to RM01, would structural components of the RES-Q Mountain our team purchased last season qualify as raw materials or post-processed materials that could be drilled, cut or reshaped and used in the construction of a robot for Velocity Vortex?
            Answer: Structural materials recycled from previous games are allowed materials per Rule <RM01>.