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General Robot Rules - Answer Thread

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    RG08 - Launching Particles

    Originally posted by FTC5501
    During Hardware & Software inspections will they check for the height the particle launches or is that only done if a referee thinks that a robot is violating this rule?
    A: Hardware and Software inspections will not routinely check the height of Particle launches. Per Rule <RG08>, if a referee feels that the Particle is launched at excessive speed or height they can request that a Robot be inspected before being allowed back on the field.


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      RG01 - Pneumatic Tires

      Originally posted by FTC11100
      Are pneumatic tires/tubes without any mechanicals beyond a simple valve a legal part
      A: Per Rule <RG01.j>, pneumatic tires are illegal.


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        RG05 - Team Number DIsplay

        Originally posted by FTC8089
        how large does the sign on your robot have to be
        A: The requirements for the size of the Team Number are presented in Rule <RG05>. There are no other signage requirements.


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          RG01 -Pneumatic Parts

          Originally posted by FTC8644
          Rule <RG01.j> says that Pneumatics are Illegal. My first question is do you define pneumatics as the restriction of the movement of air (compressed air). If that is so, my second question would be about parts that would otherwise be used in a pneumatics system but that have been modified to not restrict the movement of air. An example of this would be pneumatic tubing that many teams use that is just used for its rubber shape. Another example would be pneumatic wheels without a valve just used for the rubber shape or parts from a pneumatic actuator, again just used for its construction not for the movement of air.
          A: The restriction is on the use of a compressed fluid. So employing tubing without filling it with compressed air (say as used in a collector system or conveyor belting) is legal. The same goes for a tire that is not inflated, it is legal providing no other rules are violated.


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            RG02 - Zip Ties

            Originally posted by FTC11123
            We are using zip ties as flexible flails that extend past the front of the robot. When we set the sizing box over the robot, it fits easily because the flails bend down without impeding anything but they do touch the side walls. Is this legal?
            A: No, this is not legal. The sizing box is exerting a force on the zip ties causing them to bend and this violates rule <RG02>.


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              RG01 - Hi Grip Wheels

              Originally posted by FTC7012
              Currently we have the 4" am-2256 Hi Grip Wheels from AndyMark on our robot. They are on our launcher so they are far away from the ground, and since the robot has a very small possibility of tipping so that the wheels touch the ground, we are wondering if they would still be considered legal, as if they were to touch and spin against the field tiles the wheels may possibly damage them?

              link to wheels:

              Would the wheels be considered legal as long as they never touch the ground?
              A: High grip wheels may not be used in contact where it can damage the field (tiles, ramp, base, etc). All other uses are allowed including using the wheels to launch balls providing the wheels do not produce visible damage to the balls (note that black marks are not considered damage).


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                RG02 - Zip Tie Flails

                Originally posted by FTC11123
                Per our earlier question about zip tie flails extending past the front of the robot. We have four sets of zip ties that are 90 degrees apart. If we remove one set of zip ties, the beater bar can be positioned so that no ties extend past the front of the robot. The other ties will do so when the beater bar is activated, but only then. Will this make the flail mechanism legal because no ties would be touching the sizing box wall?
                A: Yes, this is legal. This is typically how many of the teams that use flails build their collector systems.


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                  RG02 - Flexible Extensions

                  Originally posted by FTC8767
                  The answer to #20 (Robot Inspection and Build Rules / Robot Mechanical Parts and Materials Rules / General Robot Rules) says "The sizing box is exerting a force on the zip ties causing them to bend and this violates rule <RG02>."
                  Q: For flexible extensions, are we allowed to manually arrange them (so that no force is exerted) prior to being placed into the sizing box? For example if the robot is moved by the inspector after manual arrangement & sizing, they may pop out slightly beyond the 18".
                  A: The requirement is that the robot remain in the starting configuration when placed on the field and does not expand prior to the start of the Autonomous period. If you can arrange the extensions in a way that meets this requirement then the robot is legal. If the extensions pop out during inspection while the Inspector is moving or otherwise interacting with the robot this is not necessarily a reason to fail a robot since this type of interaction will not be present on the field.


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                    RG02 - Sizing Box

                    Originally posted by FTC5414
                    <RG02> states that " To pass inspection a Robot must fit within the box...without exerting force on the sides or top of the box."

                    Then the Robot Inspection Checklist provided in Part 1 of the game manual states "The Robot
                    fits within the Sizing Box without exerting undue force on the sizing box sides and top"

                    Since the word undue can be defined as "excessive", is it correct to assume that simply touching the side of the sizing box isn't enough to to cause a team to fail inspection?

                    If a robot fits into the sizing box, but touches the side or top of the box without forcefully pushing out the side of the box should it pass inspection?
                    A: The intent of the rule is to insure that robots remain within the 18" x 18" x 18" volume prior to the start of a match. The sizing box is a convenient method for insuring that robots meet this requirement. A robot may touch the side of the sizing box but if the box itself is constraining a part, for instance if a ziptie would normally stick outside of the starting volume but is held in place by the sizing box, then that robot would not pass inspection.


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                      RG01 - Rubber Bands on Wheels

                      Originally posted by FTC11123
                      Can we use wide rubber bands attached to the wheels or find some sort of rubberized coating to put on the wheels to get better traction. Neither of these approaches should damage the playing field, but they would to know if this is a legal solution.
                      A: Rubber Bands are a legal material and there are no restrictions on how they may be used providing no other rules are violated. So placing them on a wheel is allowed provided the Robot passes the Tile Damage test. Any coating used on the wheels must be fully cured prior to use and must pass the Tile Damage test. Note that many venues do not allow chemicals into the pits so plan on applying any coatings well before you arrive for an event. Sticky coatings that leave a residue on the tiles are not allowed.


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                        RG01a - Wedgetop Tread

                        Originally posted by FTC3595
                        We have a question regarding rules <I8> and <RG01a> If Wedge top is illegal, what would the new test be to determine whether or not tread is legal? We ask because we are concerned about buying new tread that could possibly be disallowed in the future, so we want to be sure of what is legal before changing anything.

                        Thank you so much!
                        FTC 3595
                        Schrödinger's Hat
                        A: Tile damage is a result of a combination of things, type of tread, type of wheel, robot weight, power available to the wheels, etc. It is impossible for the GDC to test all combinations which is why the Tile Damage test was instituted. Based on previous experience certain types of wheels (AM-2256) and treads (Roughtop, Wedgetop) have been disallowed from the start. All other wheel, tread, and robot combinations will be determined by the Tile Damage test. So if your robot does not have any of the illegal materials and passes the Tile Damage test, it will be legal for use on the playing field.


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                          RG02 - Sizing Box

                          Originally posted by FTC11703

                          If the robot rubs against the sizing cube, but when the sizing cube is removed, and nothing moves, is the robot size OK?

                          Thanks for the clarifications,
                          Team 11703
                          A: A Robot is allowed to touch/rub against the inside of the sizing box providing the interior surface of the box is not constraining the bot. For instance, if a Robot were a perfect cube measuring 18 x 18 x 18 it would touch all sides but still be legal. However, if a part of the robot sticks out, say a zip tie, but when the Robot is placed inside the box the zip tie is deflected to fit inside the 18 x 18 x 18 size then this is not legal since the box itself is constraining the Robot.


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                            General Robot Rules - Answer Thread

                            Originally posted by FTC7350
                            There seems to be a conflict between forum entry #23 and entry #27 in section "General Robot Rules - Answer Thread". Entry #23 says "The requirement is that the robot remain in the starting configuration when placed on the field and does not expand prior to the start of the Autonomous period.". If the robot has an zip tie sweeper extension that is designed to be placed against the wall in compliance with Game Manual 2, section 1.5.1.b, but will fall down as soon as the robot moves away from the wall, then it is using the wall to constrain the extension and zip ties and seems to comply with entry #23. Based on forum entry#27, the fact that the flexible extension cannot stand up without the aid of the wall (or side of the sizing cube), seems to make the extension illegal. We understand that we have to have the robot in that exact same position on the field as it is in the sizing box. Can you please clarify?
                            A: The Robot must remain in the starting configuration, 18" x 18" x 18", without relying on external elements such as the field wall or sizing box.


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                              I5 - Bevel Gears

                              Originally posted by FTC5501
                              We have bevel gears that are located on the outside part of our robot at about 12" up from the bottom of the robot and are within the 18" sizing box. There is not a case surrounding the bevel gears. At our last tournament we were told in the future we may fail inspections because this is a pinching hazard. Looking at the Hardware Inspection list we do not see anywhere that it says robots can't have anything that pinches.
                              A: Bevel gears are treated the same as other gear trains (spur, worm). There is no rule requiring gears to be covered although it is a good design practice to guard pinch points where possible. Remember that during a match the FTA or Ref may be contacting or re-positioning your bot and they may not be aware of all the possible pinch points in your bot.


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                                General Robot Rules - Answer Thread

                                Originally posted by FTC11123
                                We are looking at switching to the Actobotics line for the 2017-2018 season and we wanted to get an official ruling on whether or not the Actobotics line of frame elements are legal. They seem to be per <RM02> so long as they don't violate the DoF rule.
                                If components meet the specified legal requirements they may be considered legal COTS items. Please read section 5.3 of the Game Manual Part 1. For the 2017-2018 season, please check the Game Manual Part 1 which will be released in July 2017 for any changes or updates to the legal and illegal robot parts.