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Judges Interview - Answer Thread

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  • Judges Interview - Answer Thread

    Answers to questions posted pertaining to the Judges Interview.
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    Team Participation in the Judge's Interview

    Originally posted by FTC9657
    We were wondering if it's required to have the entire team in the interview room/counts against you if you do not have the entire team. We have a rather large team, so would there be harm in having designated presenters and only having them go in? Particularly if things like the Motivate Award say "all Team members participate in their presentation." We would still have most team members present.
    Answer: Taking a look at the Game Manual Part 1...

    4.6.3: Each Team should have at least two student Team representatives and the Robot available; the entire Team is encouraged to participate.
    7.4.1: No awards will be determined on the basis of this interview alone.
    7.5.6 Motivate Award: This Team embraces the culture of FIRST and clearly demonstrates what it means to be a Team. Required criteria includes Team can articulate the individual contributions of each Team member, and how these attribute to the overall success of the Team. Strongly suggested criteria includes All Team members participate in their presentation, and actively engage with the judges.

    So with that we can answer your questions...

    1) Is it required to have the entire team in the interview: No
    2) Does it count against you if you do not have the entire team: It is not required, but suggested.

    Judges will want to see how your team functions and communicates as a whole. The more opportunities Judges have to see your team in action (including the interview), the more information they will have when making their decisions. There are many reasons why team members may be absent from the interview. Perhaps they are sick, or could not make the event. Maybe there is something critical that needs to be happening in the pit (because, nothing goes wrong in the last minute... right?). Or maybe you have a massive team, and the logistics of squeezing everyone in the interview room has an overall effect of lowering the quality of the information you give to the judges. This will need to be something that your team decides. Keep in mind though, if you do leave team members out of the interview, judges may want to know why!

    Finally I'll leave this answer with a question. Is there a way team members participate in the interview but not be physically in the room?
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      Nominated For / Winning Multiple Awards

      Originally posted by FTC7043
      My question is can a team still be nominated for the Inspire award if the team wins the control award at the same event?
      There are actually two questions here.

      Question 1: Can a Team be nominated for multiple Awards
      Answer: Yes, during Judge deliberation Teams may be nominated (by Judges) for multiple Awards.

      Question 2: Can a Team win multiple Awards
      Answer: At a given event, a Team may win only one of the Judged Awards: Inspire, Think, Innovate, Design, Connect, Motivate, Control, and Judge's Award (if offered). Finalists of awards (including Inspire 2nd place and Inspire 3rd place) do not count as an Award winner. The video Awards (Compass and Promote) are judged separately and Teams may win one or both video Awards in addition to one of the Judged Awards.

      So with that let's revisit the original question.

      Question 0: Can a team still be nominated for the Inspire Award if the team wins the Control Award at the same event?
      Answer: Yes, but if a Team wins Control, they can not also win Inspire. However they could win Control and also be recognized as an Inspire Finalist (2nd or 3rd place).
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        Could submitting for Control actually hurt a Team's chance at Inspire?

        Originally posted by FTC5414
        With regard to Post #3 in the Judging Interview Thread, what would happen if you are the only team to submit a Control Award entry at a given competition. Since you would be the only eligible team at the competition, I would assume you would win the Control Award; however, would you then be ineligible for the Inspire Award?
        Excellent question!

        Answer: Teams should not be concerned that applying for Control in any way decreases their likelihood for consideration for Inspire.

        First, If only one Team submits a Control Award, do they automatically win that Award? No, not automatically. In order for a Team to win an Award they must meet all of the Requirements of that Award. If no Team meets all of the requirements, then the Award may not be given at an Event. Submitting for the Control Award only satisfies one of the Requirements.

        Second, I think a different way to ask the question is "Will a Team disqualify themselves from Inspire if they happen to be the only Team that meets the requirements for another award?" No, Judges make determinations based on for which Award the Team is strongest. If the Judges feel the Team should be the Inspire winner, then they would be recognized as the Inspire winner. If, as a result, the pool of possible winners of another Award drops to zero, then that Award would not be presented.

        For example. Say Teams X and Y are the only contenders for the Control Award, but X is stronger in Think and Y is stronger in Inspire. Then X would be recognized for Think, Y would be recognized for Inspire, and Control Award would not be presented as there are no eligible teams.


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          Official Team Size

          Originally posted by FTC5873
          Game Manual Part I says, "An official FIRST Tech Challenge Team consists of no more than 15 student Team members." If a team does not conform to this definition (for example, if more than fifteen students show up at a competition, or if the Team section of the Engineering Notebook lists more than fifteen students), should judges take this into account when determining awards?
          FIRST Tech Challenge has put the 15 student limit in place to ensure that each student is able to have a very active and meaningful role on the team. This does not mean that a team is disqualified from awards or competition for having more than 15. When there are more than 15 students on a team, we encourage the judges to look at the larger team with a higher expectation of what they have accomplished given the additional resources.


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            Video Award Submissions

            Originally posted by FTC1000
            Part 1 of the Game Manual lists video submission rules:

            7.4.4 Video Award Submission Guidelines The submission process for this award may vary by Tournament. Please check with the Event Director for details. Winning videos will be submitted to FIRST and used to promote the higher values of FIRST Tech Challenge. Teams can also send their Promote videos directly to FIRST; however, these submissions will not be formally judged.

             The video must be submitted at least one week prior to Tournament day. Instructions for submitting videos may vary from Tournament to Tournament. Please check with the Event Director for details.
             Videos must be submitted in AVI, WMV or MOV format. Remember that the winning video may be
            shown on a large screen during the awards ceremony. Teams should use the best resolution available
            for the final version.
             Only one video submission per Team will be considered. Teams may submit new or updated videos at
            each Tournament

            Are these minimal requirements? For example, would a video in .mp4 format be allowed, since it exceeds the minimal requirement, and would display well on a large screen?

            Thank you!
            These are the minimum requirements for video award submissions. If a team can produce a higher quality video with a different format as outlined this will be allowed.


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              Remote Judge Interview

              Originally posted by FTC8581

              One of our team members will be in Rome during Super-Regionals.
              1. Would a recording of his judging presentation section be acceptable?
              2. Would a live Skype or google hangout with the teammate be acceptable?

              The team may bring a recording to the judging room as long as they are prepared to play their video in a venue that will not have access to a Wi-Fi network. Skype or Google (in most event venue’s) would not be a sustainable option as most venues do not have a Wi-Fi network to support it.