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  • Moving Tubes through opponents parking zone during autonomous

    Originally posted by FTC6981
    Lets say that at the beginning of autonomous mode, our robot is programmed to leave our ramp, go straight across to our 30/60/90 tubes, and drop a ball in one tube, then a ball in another tube, and then bring one tube back to our parking zone. However, the other alliance has a robot that starts autonomous mode by moving towards our tubes, and scatters them. So, when our robot executes its autonomous mode, and makes its turn to head to base after missing both tubes, our robot then moves one of the scattered tubes across the plane of the tape for the other alliance parking zone. Would this be a major penalty under GS12, or, would rule G11 apply here since the tube would not have been pushed through the home zone had the opposing alliance not have moved them in the first place?

    We would see this as purely incidental contact and not a penalty at all since under a normal autonomous period, we would never move a tube through the opposing alliance parking zone.

    A: It depends on what the referees see at the time of the possible infraction whether a penalty will be called or not.


    • GS1 and GS11

      Originally posted by FTC7785
      <GS1> seems to be interpreted differently in different places. Posts #80 and #162 indicate that if a robot is ever in control of more than 5 balls, it is the robot's fault, regardless of the situation. Post #123 also indicates this, giving the exception that if the opposing alliance intentionally places more than 5 balls in the robot, <G11> will be applied. However, the Referee Manual specifically states in <GS1> that "Balls trapped within a Robot that became trapped due to actions of the Robot's own Alliance count against the 5 Ball limit. Balls trapped due to actions of the opposing Alliance will not count." We know that the forum takes precedence over the manuals, but we were wondering if <GS1>, as stated in the Ref Manual, is still valid in ANY situation.

      A: The posts and manuals referenced above are all consistent with each other. Robots are responsible for trapped balls in excess of 5 per <GS1>, unless they were trapped within the robot intentionally by an Opposing Alliance robot (<GS11> protections)


      • Coaches Not Being Allowed To Place the Robot On Field For Matches

        Originally posted by FTC4625
        A question just came up on the FTC Championship Facebook group that we would like to see clarified. In the Championship essential information guide under the section on Badges it says 1) Coach (This badge has a dot on it. The Coach cannot touch or drive the robot or handle the robot controls on the competition field.) Some teams are interpreting this to mean that the Coach cannot be the one who places the robot on the field, and that in some lower-level competitions that has been the rule interpretation. Rule (G5) covers the Coach not being allowed to touch the controllers during a match, but I cannot find anything in the rules that would prevent the Coach from being the one who carries the robot to the field and puts it in position. Can you clarify?

        A: The Coach will not be allowed to touch the robot or controls during the match per <G5>. In order to expedite field reset, having the Coach set the robot on the field or picking it up after the match is over is not illegal and would not be penalized.
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        • Incidentally entered ball into fallen Center goal during Autonomous

          Originally posted by FTC5939
          According to <GS6> During the Autonomous Period, Robots can only Score pre-loaded Balls. If any Balls other than the four Autonomous Balls are Scored by an Alliance during the Autonomous Period, their Autonomous Period Ball Score is zero. They can, however, still get a Ramp/Platform or Kickstand Bonus.

          However, wanted to confirm scoring decision in following scenario:
          During Autonomous period, let's say, in a defensive blocking strategy, Blue Alliance Robot blocks Red Alliance Robot. In the process Red alliance robot wears off and knocks down the Blue Alliance Center goal (CG) to the floor. After few seconds in the autonomous session, another Red Alliance robot kicks their kickstand and balls cascade down. In the process one of balls enters into Blue Alliance CG on the floor. Is this considered as Autonomous CG Scoring (60 pts) to Blue Alliance?

          A: No, this would be a violation of <GS15>, scoring a ball into a goal that is tipped over. Even though <GS15> specifically mentions Rolling Goal, we are expanding the rule based on the scenario described.
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          • Autonomous Rolling Goal Pushing Risks

            Originally posted by FTC6389
            Hello GDC,

            Can you please provide more of a response to this question? Our interpretation of the rules does not lead us to believe that this would be a referee call, but rather a definitive ruling given in the game manual. Rules we feel specifically allow for the defensive pushing of rolling goals during autonomous period:

            <G9> "defensive Game play should be expected"
            <GS10> Robots may push any Rolling Goals (belonging to their Alliance or the opposing Alliance) as long as no other rules are violated.

            There is no other ruling that specifically disallows pushing the opponents rolling goals during autonomous period, so how could it possibly be "up to the referee". What would the possible penalty be? There is no blocking access, no tipping over, no grasping or grappling, just pushing.

            - FTC Team #6389

            A: The response as given is accurate. There no inherent rule violation in merely pushing the rolling goals during the autonomous period. The referees will observe the sequence of events and the results of the pushing and make a determination based on what they see (i.e. the side-effects of the pushing). There are several rules that could be violated, including:
            • <G9> strategies aimed at tipping/entanglement
            • <GS9> grasp opposing alliance rolling goal
            • <GS14> tipping (possibly <GS5> descoring too),
            • <GS17> blocking access to rolling goals

            all depending on the outcomes of the pushing.