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    Goals Righted Before Scoring

    Originally posted by FTC3900
    Will goals be put put straight up or moved after the match end when scoring by the referees occurs?
    If a robot scored in a tube by tipping it onto the ramp on a steep angle (not past 90 degrees) and filling it up, will that goal be righted to straight up when it is scored?
    When testing filling up the large tube at kickoff, it “filled” (on an angle) to a full 90 cm with a little more than half the balls necessary to fill it while in the righted position.
    The balls do not sit directly above each other in the goal when it is upright (3 or 4 small balls can sit on the same plane, not adding height more than one). But when the goal is on a very small angle (just above flat), the balls all sit next to each other, using close to their full diameter to add to the height of the filled tube.

    A: Yes, the Rolling Goals will be righted by the referees and then scored. If the Rolling Goals are on the Ramp, they will placed with all wheels on the Ramp and scored. If the Rolling Goals are on a robot, they will be scored in place.
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      Controlling rolling ball tubes vs. "grab"

      Originally posted by FTC6389

      The rules say robots may not "grab" on to the tube portion of the rolling ball tubes. May teams use a design in which a pair of "C" shaped manipulators that have an combined inner diameter larger than the diameter of the tube are used to keep the tube from tipping over while being moved? The idea would be that when this controlling device is in place around the clear portion of the tube, it would never "grab" or "grasp" the tube, the tube would be free to move back and forth roughly 1/4".

      A: While we are not able to specifically address your robot design, any mechanism that has the appearance of grasping (e.g. something that surrounds) the Ball Tube will be considered something that grabs the tube and will be penalized by the referee.
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        Orientation of Rolling Goals

        Originally posted by FTC4211
        Are the starting orientations of the rolling goals consistent? Will the graduation marks always face a certain direction? If so, can you please clarify the orientation?

        A: There is no set orientation of the Rolling Goals. Their starting location is set as being centered in each of the three tiles in the corner.
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          Rolling Goal Tipping

          Originally posted by FTC4211
          If a robot is in the process of scoring in a rolling goal, and the actions of a robot on the opposing alliance causes the rolling goal to tip, which robot, if any, is assessed the penalty?

          A: This would be a judgment call by the referees.
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            Autonomous Goal

            Originally posted by FTC7785
            If you put both balls in the center goal during autonomous do you get 60 pts per ball or just 60 pts?

            A: You will get 60 points for a Center Goal with a ball, not 60 points per ball in a Center Goal.
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              RE: Rule GS8

              Originally posted by FTC7785
              Can a robot contain an device that is intended to prevent the scoring tube from flipping without "grabbing" the tube (i.e a bumper of sorts)? Also, if a robot has an opening in the robot frame that allows the scoring tube to fit into it, would that be considered "grabbing" the tube (i.e a "U" shaped bot that pushes the scoring tube within the opening of the "U")?

              A: As described above, there is no rule preventing that kind of robot design. However, any ruling as to whether the Ball Tube is grabbed is purely up to the referee.


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                Center Goal Scoring

                Originally posted by FTC7911
                (1.4.4) Does end game center score measurement start from the floor (90mm) or from the bottom of the center goal tube (0mm)?

                A: The Center Goal scoring starts from the bottom of the Center Goal, not from the floor. The center Goal is 30 cm tall so the maximum score for filling the Center goal is 30 cm X 6 pts/cm = 180 pts.
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                  Rolling Goal Tube Incidental Contact

                  Originally posted by FTC7911
                  <GS8> says "Robots may grab onto their own Alliance's Rolling Goal in any location except for the Ball Tube. Incidental contact with the Ball Tube during Scoring or pushing is allowed. Robots that grab their Rolling Goals by the Ball Tube will incur a Minor Penalty immediately and will incur additional Minor Penalties per five (5) second interval that this situation continues"

                  If a robot pushes against the rolling goal tube intentionally without grasping it, is that considered "incidental contact" for the purpose of this rule?

                  A: <GS8> says pushing a Rolling Goal is allowed. It also allows incidental contact with the Ball Tube. Pushing a Rolling Goal by the Ball Tube will NOT be considered incidental contact with the Ball Tube.

                  UPDATE: The initial answer to this question indicated that pushing the Ball Tube would be allowed. This is no longer true. Intentional contact with the Ball Tube will NOT be considered incidental contact. The traditional definition of incidental will be applied, i.e., "accompanying but not a major part". Applicable synonyms include; minor, nonessential, inconsequential, insignificant, etc.
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                    Center Goal Autonomous Score

                    Originally posted by FTC7911
                    (1.4.2) Does the 60 point center goal autonomous score apply once per alliance, once per robot, or once per ball scored during autonomous?

                    A: The Center Goal Autonomous Score (60 points) counts once per alliance.


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                      Grabbing tube versus grabbing base

                      Originally posted by FTC3795
                      Instead of pushing the base of the tube is it legal to grab the colored base holding the tube? The rule book states that you are not allowed to grab the tube itself but makes no mention of the base. We are currently working on a design that would grab the base and make no contact with the tube. Any guidance would be appreciated!

                      A: Yes, it is legal to grab the base as long as no other rules are violated.


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                        &lt;GS2&gt; applicable to autonomous balls?

                        Originally posted by FTC6705
                        Is it the intent of the GDC that <GS2> applies to autonomous balls? That is, if you don't score one or both auto balls in the autonomous period, do they have to touch the floor before they can be scored in the driver-controlled period?

                        A: No, the autonomous balls don't have to touch the floor if they were not scored during the Autonomous period. They do count towards the five ball limit.


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                          Pulling a goal

                          Originally posted by FTC2867
                          Can a robot pull a goal behind it if the goal has more than 5 balls in it?

                          A: Yes it can. Balls scored in the Ball Tube or balls resting on the Rolling Goal base are not considered to be in control of the robot.


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                            End game ramp scoring

                            Originally posted by FTC3633
                            Is there a multiplier to the goals in end game on the ramp, according to the height of the goal?

                            A: No, there is not a "multiplier" on the Rolling Goals that are on the ramp. You will receive 30 points per goal that is Off the Field plus the score of the goal based on the ball height and ball tube.


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                              Descoring on your own goal

                              Originally posted by FTC3537
                              I have a question about the descoring of rolling goals. I know that in the rule book it states that, "Robots may not de-score Balls from any of the opponent Alliance's Goals" (GS5). My question then is, Is it legal to descore your OWN goal during the telly-op and endgame periods?

                              Also if you were to descore your own tubes, would they be counted as descored at the moment it occurred, or would it be counted as descored at the end of the match?

                              It is legal to descore balls from your own goals, however be careful not to violate <GS14> - Goal tipping ANY goal. All scoring is determined at the end of the match.


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                                Grabbing a ball tube

                                Originally posted by FTC7953
                                <GS8> says “Robots may grab onto their own Alliance’s Rolling Goal in any location except for the Ball Tube.” What constitutes a “grab”? In particular, if a robot puts a funnel-like tube into or around the top of a ball tube to direct balls into the top, is that a grab?

                                A "grab" can be considered to be a way to squeeze the Ball Tube that encircles a majority of the tube. It can also be thought of employing a mechanism in or around the Ball Tube that causes the Rolling Goal to follow the robot. As described above, inserting a funnel-like structure into the top of the Ball Tube and then driving around with it can be considered to be a violation of <GS8>.