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  • <GS7> Debris Possession/Control Constraint - Autonomous Period

    Originally posted by FTC10131
    One of our robot's autonomous routines is designed to drive away from the perimeter wall, turn, and then drive directly towards an opposing alliance's Mountain entrance with the intent being to get onto the Mountain for points at the end of autonomous. The robot has a straight bumper that does not collect debris, but occasionally may push more than 5 pieces of debris in autonomous depending on the debris distribution. Post #72 in this thread says:

    "A few examples of Robot actions that the rule (GS7) is NOT intended to prevent (i.e. the actions do not earn <GS7> Penalties) are... b) Plowing through Debris to gain access to the Mountain"

    but it also says:

    "A few examples of game play strategies that the rule (GS7) IS intended to prevent are... b) Pushing or delivering with a single act, more than five Debris into an Area to gain a strategic advantage (e.g. ... defensive blocking access to an Area, etc.)."

    If, in plowing through debris to gain access to the Mountain as described above (legal?), the robot's actions end up pushing debris in front of or slightly on the entrance of the Opposing alliance's mountain area (illegal?), is the overall action legal or not?

    Thanks in advance for any clarification you can provide.

    A: Plowing through Debris without a strategic Scoring or defensive intent for the Debris is not subject to rule <GS7> Penalties. Referees observing the Match will use their judgment to determine if a Robot is plowing through Debris (allowed without incurring a penalty), or if there is a strategic Scoring or defensive intent that should incur <GS7> Penalties. The movement of Debris described in the question appear to be an unintentional (i.e. not planned) consequence of plowing through Debris to access the Mountain that should not incur <GS7> Penalties.


    • Sections &amp; - Parking on the Mountain

      Originally posted by FTC9715
      Hi, Wondering what happens at the end of autonomous period if the robot is able to climb into its alliance's mid or high zone.
      Q1: Will the field personnel move it to floor area?
      Q2: If not, does it have to be able to return to the floor under it's own power during the driver-controlled period?
      Q3: If it sits up there, will it be scored again at the end of the match?

      Thank you!

      A1: No.

      A2: No.

      A3: Yes.


      • Section &amp; - Scoring Climbers

        Originally posted by FTC5501
        If a climber is deposited into the shelter goal on the back of the beacon and it doesn't fall into the shelter goal but is laying on top of the goal will this still count as scored?

        A: Sections and of the Game Manual Part 2 state that Climbers Inside an Alliance-specific Shelter earn ten points per Climber. In the context of the game FIRST RES-Q, an object that has crossed into the vertical extension of a defined Area's boundary is "Inside" the Area. A Climber that is resting on the top edges of the Shelter Goal should be counted as Scored if any portion of the Climber crosses into the vertical extension of the Shelter Goal's side walls. The Climber does not have to break through the horizontal plane of the rectangular opening of the Shelter Goal in order to be counted as Scored.


        • &lt;GS10&gt; Ingress into an opposing Alliance Climbing Area

          Originally posted by FTC5501
          We have a tape measure lift and in one of our matches as we were extending it the tape fell onto the opposing alliances mountain. The other team was not in the act of driving up their mountain and we were able to pull the tape back into our robot and back onto our side. The tape falling onto their side did not impact the outcome of the game at all as they were not on the mountain throughout the entire process. Should this incur a minor penalty?
          A: Rule <GS10> states that Inadvertent and Inconsequential Robot ingress into the opposing Alliance's Area is allowed without incurring a Penalty at the discretion of the referees. No Penalties should be assessed because the Robot's actions described in the question were Inadvertent and they did not have a consequential effect on an opposing Alliance Robot.


          • &lt;GS14&gt; Releasing Climbers - Trigger angle

            Originally posted by FTC5936
            Howdy from Texas,

            We wanted to know if the GDC could explain what is the correct angle for the zip liners to be officially triggered? Since the refs will be watching the tiggers and not the climbers.

            We have heard from some other meets and or qulaifers of 45 degrees or greater to be deemed released?


            A: The Game Design Committed does not approve of using a specific angle of the Trigger to determine the Scored state of Zip Line Climbers for the following reasons:

            1) The Game Manual and Field Assembly and Setup Guides do not specify a calibration standard for an engaged Trigger.
            2) Scoring the Zip Line Climbers is performed after the end of the Driver-Controlled Period. Triggers are likely to change their angular position due to Robot interaction with the Trigger and Mountain during the remainder of the Match.

            Referees will follow the guidance provided in rule <GS14> when determining the Scored state of the Zip Line Climbers.


            • &lt;GS5&gt; Autonomous Period Robot keep out Area

              Originally posted by FTC5970
              What is considered the our side and the other team's side? If we were on the red team and drove with a wheel on top of the red tape, would we be penalized? If we accidentally moved a little bit onto the blue tape, would we be penalized?

              A: The answer to this question is found by reviewing the definition of "Area" in the game definitions section (1.4) of the Game Manual Part 2. In the context of the game FIRST RES-Q, Area is "the space defined by the vertical projection of the outside edge of a region's boundary (e.g. gaffers tape, Goal, Playing Field Wall). The boundary element (tape, wall, markings, etc.) is considered to be part of the Area for the purposes of determine Inside and Outside." The outside edge of the Alliance Area is the line where the red and blue gaffers tape touch.

              Rule <GS5> specifies that Robots may not go Inside the opposing Alliance's Area of the Playing Field during the first ten seconds of the Autonomous Period. The red Alliance Robot in the question has entered the opposing Alliance Area when it "moved a little bit onto the blue tape." Guidance provided in rule <GS5> states that Inadvertent and Inconsequential ingress into the opposing Alliance Area will not be Penalized. The referees observing the match will make the determination if the incursion is Inadvertent and Inconsequential.

              A red Alliance Robot that "moves a little bit onto the blue tape" and does not contact a Robot on the opposing Alliance is likely to be viewed by the referees as Inadvertent and Inconsequential.


              • &lt;GS10&gt; Ingress into an opposing Alliance Climbing Area

                Originally posted by FTC9609
                Can a robot climb either side of the mountain during the driver-controlled period?
                Ex: A blue team robot robot climbs into the red low-zone to drop debris into a goal.

                A: No, rule <GS10> states that Robots may not enter or extend Inside an opposing Alliance's Mountain Climbing Area during the Driver-Controlled Period.


                • &lt;GS18&gt; Robot contact with the Mountain Cliff Zone before the End Game

                  Originally posted by FTC5501
                  According to GS18:

                  "Inadvertent and Inconsequential contact made with the All Clear Signal, the Pull-up Bar, or the Cliff Low Bar will not result in a Penalty of loss of Score."

                  Please provide guidance for 2 scenarios:

                  Q1: Before the end game occurs we begin to deploy a mechanism that we will use to pull us up the mountain so we are in a better position to grab onto the pull up bar during the end game. While we are deploying this mechanism we come in contact with the cliff low bar before we grab onto the high zone churro to pull us up. Would this be considered inadvertent and inconsequential since the contact made was in an effort to get ready to score during end game?

                  Q2: Before the end game occurs we begin to deploy a mechanism that we will use to grab onto the pull up bar and complete the pull up. While we are lining up our mechanism we come in contact with the cliff low bar or the pull up bar. Would this be considered inadvertent and inconsequential since the contact made was in an effort to get ready to score during the end game?

                  A1: Referees observing the Robot's actions will make the determination if the contact is Inadvertent and Inconsequential. It is reasonable to assume that occasional contact with the Cliff Low Bar is likely to be viewed as an Inadvertent and Inconsequential action if it the contact is not a strategy to help with Scoring Debris or preparing for the End Game achievements.

                  A2: The action described is not Inadvertent or Inconsequential because it is a strategy where the Robot gains an advantage by its early preparation for the End Game achievements. Rule <GS18> Penalties should apply in this situation.


                  • Section 1.5.1.f Pre-Match - Pre-load Climbers

                    Originally posted by FTC8564
                    Q1: When a robot moves, are the pre-loaded climbers required to move with it?
                    Q2: May the pre-loaded climbers just touch part of the robot (i.e. wheels/chassis)?

                    A1: No.

                    A2: Yes, see section 1.5.1.f in the Game Manual Part 2 for the complete details.


                    • &lt;GS5&gt; Autonomous Period Robot Keep Out Area

                      Originally posted by FTC8995

                      A GS5 question: During our last event our robot was driving towards the rescue beacon, and got caught up on some debris causing our robot to drive temporarily across into the opposing alliance area of the playing field, crossing the gaffers tape and over into their area about 10 inches. The robot then drove back across to our alliance area.

                      None of the opposing alliance robots moved from the start position. No contact with any elements (other than debris) on the opposing alliance area was made by the offending robot.

                      Q: Based upon the above scenario where a robot crosses over into the opposing alliance area during the first 10 seconds of autonomous, and then crosses back without making contact with the opposing alliance robot, would this be considered "Inadvertent and Inconsequential"?

                      Thanks again for your time.

                      A: The Robot actions described in the question are Inadvertent because entering the opposing Alliance area was not a planned strategy. The actions are also Inconsequential because no contact was made with an opposing Alliance Robot and the Robot did not achieve a strategic advantage. <GS5> Penalties should not apply in this scenario.


                      • Section 1.5.1 Pre-Match - Robot Autonomous OpMode initialization software

                        Originally posted by FTC5795
                        We attended a qualifier this weekend where two different opinions existed regarding the pre match initialization routine before the autonomous run starts. One view was that an initialization routine had to be run even if the robot was not going to run during the autonomous period. The other view was that if the robot did not intend to move during the autonomous period, the initialization routine did not have to run.

                        The rule that was being discussed was in section 1.5.1 in Game Manual 2. It says "After placing their Robot on the Playing Field, the Drive Team pre-loads the Climbers, selects their Autonomous Period Operational Mode (Op Mode) on their Driver Station Android device and initializes their Robot by triggering the Team’s initialization event software. Drive Teams wait Completely Inside their assigned Alliance Station for the start of the Match with their Driver Station in a hands off location."

                        Any guidance on this as we have autonomous code but under certain circumstances where our autonomous may conflict with our partner we may choose to not run. If that is the case do we need an initialize routine to meet the rule or is this only the case if running an autonomous run?

                        Thank you.

                        A: Drive Teams do not have to trigger the Robot's initialization event software if the Robot is not going to move during the Autonomous Period and an initialization routine is not required for the the Robot to remain entirely inside the 18-inch cube starting constraint.


                        • &lt;GS13&gt; Mountain Scoring Constraints - Robot Completely On the Mountain

                          Originally posted by FTC10624
                          While trying to score debris in the mid-zone goal, our robot is above the two inch tall buffer zone, but we have an arm pushing up from the floor holding us in the mid-zone while we put debris in the mid-zone. Is this legal since our tank treads are above the two inch buffer zone?

                          A: A Robot that is in contact with anything other than the Mountain is not Completely On the Mountain and therefore is not eligible to Score in the Mid-Zone Goal based on rule <GS13>. Rule <GS13> specifies two conditions that must be met to score in the Mid-Zone Goal and perform other Scoring achievements listed in the rule:

                          1) The Robot must be Completely On the Mountain.
                          2) The Robot's Drivetrain may only be in contact with portions of the Mountain above the 2-inch white line at the bottom edge of the Mountain.


                          • &lt;GS14&gt; Releasing Climbers - Autonomous Period

                            Originally posted by FTC10338
                            I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this - but the team wants to double check. Is there any penalty to completing driver controlled tasks during autonomous mode. In particular we are looking at knocking a climber down the zip line during autonomous mode. Thanks.

                            Team 10338 Dark Matters

                            A: Robots may release the Zip Line Climbers and place Debris in Goals during the Autonomous period per rules <GS14> and <GS8>. Keep in mind that the Zip Line Climbers and Debris will not contribute to the Autonomous Period Score, and the Mountain Scoring constraints described in rule <GS13> apply during the Autonomous Period.


                            • Section Driver-Controlled Period - Parking on a Mountain

                              Originally posted by FTC7300
                              While the manual does mention that the end game is part of the driver controlled period, the scoring summary (1.7 in game manual part 2) makes it confusing and eludes to being able to accumulate both points. Just need to clarify. For example, If you are parked on the high zone (at the end of the driver controlled period and before the start of the end game) and then you were hanging at the end of the end game, would you have 120pts (40 for high zone park during the driver controlled period + 80pts for hanging during the end game) or would you just have the 80pts?


                              A: First of all, the statement: "at the end of the driver controlled period and before the start of the end game," is not valid. The End Game portion of the Match is the final thirty seconds of the two-minute-long Driver-Controlled Period (i.e. the End Game is a period of time that occurs during the Driver-Controlled Period). The Match ends at the conclusion of the Driver-Controlled Period.

                              Section in the Game Manual Part 2 states that Robots earn points based on where they are Parked On the Mountain
                              at the end of the Driver-Controlled Period (i.e. at the end of the Match). The locations of the Robot prior to the end of the Driver-Controlled Period do not earn points that contribute to the Alliance's Match Score. The Robot described in the scenario should earn eighty points for a successful Cliff Bar Pull-up. No points are awarded for Parking on the Mountain prior to performing the Pull-up achievement.


                              • A Grappling Hook Attached to an Arm Versus Launching a Grappling Hook

                                Originally posted by FTC7104
                                Hello GDC,
                                Our team was looking at the forum and noticed an possible conflict between two posts, #109 in the Game Thread and Post #88 in the Mechanical Build Thread both regarding grappling hook designs/strategies. Which post is correct? Thank you in advance.

                                FTC 7104 ~ The Synergists

                                A: Both posts are correct. Post #88 in the Robot Inspection and Build Mechanical Thread addresses a Robot that has a grappling hook attached to an arm. The robot swings its arm with the the attached hook to engage the Pull-up Bar; an action that is allowed.

                                Post #109 in the Game Rules Thread addresses a Robot that launches a tethered grappling hook; an action that is not allowed.