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    In your answer to team FTC 10131, you indicated that "At the time of Inspection, the Robot must be presented with all Mechanisms (including all components of each mechanism), configurations, and decorations that will be used on the Robot during the competition event."

    Would it not also be the case that all of the Mechanisms (both "Red" and "Blue" as described in the question) must be attached to the robot and that the robot must fit inside the Robot Sizing Box per <RG03> at the time of Inspection?

    Or, are you indicating with your answer that there is a provision for having additional parts/mcehanisms that are not attached at the time of inspection but are merely presented to the judges? And, if that is the case, would these additional parts/mechanisms just be placed in the Robot Sizing Box, unattached, to make sure that the volume of everything is within 18 cubic inches?