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Robot Inspection and Build Rules - Mechanical - Answer Thread

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  • Robot Inspection and Build Rules - Mechanical - Answer Thread

    You'll find the answers to your questions about Mechanical robot components here.

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    Tracks - Lynx Motion

    Originally posted by FTC5086 They seem to only have a single degree of freedom. As long as they do not damage the field are the a legal COTS component.
    A: Yes, these tracks are legal COTS per Rule <RM01.c>


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      Originally posted by FTC3965
      Are pneumatics and/or compressed air allowed? I can't find a rule excluding this.
      A: No, pneumatic/hydraulic devices are not legal.


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        Vex Parts

        Originally posted by FTC3965
        Are VEX Robotics parts allowed?
        I am a new mentor and I don't see a rule against them; but, I was told "just bring them to a competition and see what happens".
        Specifically we are interested in the VEX Tank Tread Kit since the kids are thinking of tread drive.
        A: There is no rule restricting where team may acquire legal parts. Therefore as long as the VEX parts do not violate any other rule, they are legal. VEX treads are a legal COTS.


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          CO2 and Grappling Hook

          Originally posted by FTC9970
          My team has the idea of using CO2 to launch a grappling hook that would catch on the top bar. They are then thinking that they could hoist their robot using the grappling hook. Would that kind of thing be allowed? I didn't see anything specifically referencing CO2.
          A: Devices using compressed fluids (air, CO2, hydraulic, etc.) are not legal. Rule <RG11> specifically prohibits the launching of parts of the robot, including grappling hooks.


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            Off Road Tires

            Originally posted by FTC3600
            We are considering using off-road style tires with foam inserts and available wheels from ServoCity and we would like to know if the these are legal to use:



            ElectroJackets 3600
            A: These tires are designated as off road tires and have an extremely aggressive tread that is designed to have high traction. Rule <RM01.d> prohibits the use of high traction tires. Therefore they are not a legal part.


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              Rubberized Undercoating

              Originally posted by FTC7841
              Hello. When referring to rule 5.3.2 Robot Mechanical Parts and Materials Rules under <RM01> part d, we believe we can use Heavy Duty Rubberized Undercoating to spray on our tank treads for traction. We have tested the spray, and when dry, it provides increased traction without damaging the playing field. Are we correct?
              A: It is impossible to make a determination without seeing the coating in question. The test the Inspectors will use to determine whether the tread is legal is to run the fully loaded robot against an immovable object (perimeter wall) and then have the teams spin the tires. It the tires damage the rubber floor tile the teams will be asked to replace the wheels/tread before they can pass inspection


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                Harbor Freight Wheel

                Originally posted by FTC6054
                Is this a legal wheel?


                We are particularly looking at Game Manual 1, Section 5.3.2 Robot Mechanical Parts and Materials Rules, rule <RM01>, item d.

                It says "High traction wheels (e.g. AM- 2256), and high grip tread (e.g. Rough top), that may damage the Playing Field are not allowed."

                We have tested this wheel. It does not damage the playing field in any way.

                We are concerned about attending a competition and be disqualified based on this rule.

                We'd appreciate your help on this. Thank you.
                A: The GDC cannot rule on every possible tire and tread combination. If the Inspectors suspect that a tire/tread will damage the field then teams will be asked to perform the test outlined in the post from 9-24-2015. If a robot passes this test then the tire/tread is legal.


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                  Linear Slides

                  Originally posted by FTC7182
                  Are linear slides (linear guides) that have recirculating ball bearings allowed? An example of this type is at this website: or We believe they are not allowed per rule <RG02> h. but would like confirmation. It was believed they were allowed in earlier years. Thank you.
                  A: Yes, linear slides with recirculating ball bearings (as well as solid bearings/bushings) are allowed.


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                    Cart Rails

                    Originally posted by FTC9053
                    Is the cart assembly shown in the following link legal? You buy the wheels and plate separately.


                    Psionics 9053
                    A: Yes, linear rails of all types are legal providing they do not violate any other rule.


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                      AndyMark Wheels

                      Originally posted by FTC4947
                      Obviously wheels are big deal this season, would like to know which of the following are considered legal:

                      Rubber Wheels:

                      Pneumatic Wheels:

                      Thank you!

                      Santa Fe Middle School Cougarobotics
                      A: The GDC cannot comment on all possible tire/tread combinations but in general the smooth surface tires are legal while the AM-2256 and AM-0940 are considered high traction and would not be legal. Pneumatic devices of any kind (including tires) are not legal. However if the tire were to be used without an inflated tube the tire/tread would have to be tested per the test outlined in the post from 9-24-2015. If a robot equipped with these tires passes the test then it would be legal.


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                        Tread not used on Floor

                        Originally posted by FTC8668
                        Hi team 8668 here,

                        We are wondering if it is legal to use Roughtop or any other treads on our robot if it doesn't touch the floor, but only the bars on the mountain?

                        Team 8668
                        A: If the a tire or tread material, including Roughtop, does not touch the floor then it may be used on any other part of the robot. Remember that teams are still responsible if their robots damage any part of the playing field so careful use of all materials is advised.


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                          Originally posted by FTC8640
                          Is Legal as a tread material in contact with the tile floor?
                          A: A: The AM-2611 is not considered a high traction tread and is therefore a legal material. Even though this material is legal teams are still responsible if their robot damages the playing field in any way.


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                            Tetrix Tank Tread Kit

                            Originally posted by FTC9846
                            We are rookie team. We wanted to go for good drive tank with nice grip and have ordered this product from Tetrix.

                            Product ID: W36468
                            TETRIX® MAX Tank Tread Kit

                            Now after reading few posts, kind of concerned whether it is ok to use this or not.

                            Appreciate your help if someone can confirm on this.
                            A: Yes, the Tetrix Tank Tread Kit is legal. Remember that teams are still responsible for any damage caused by their robot during a match, even if they are using a legal material.


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                              Wheel Diameter

                              Originally posted by FTC0265

                              From what I've read in the rules, it seems that the wheel diameter rule has been lifted. Is it true that there no longer is a wheel size rule?
                              A: There are no restrictions on the diameter of wheel that teams may use providing no other rules are violated (i.e: it must still fit inside the 18" sizing box).