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Robot Inspection and Build Rules - Electrical - Answer Thread

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    Vendor Battery for LED Strip

    Originally posted by FTC6081
    According to Rule <RE03> :
    "Approved light sources may include an internal (as supplied by the manufacturer) battery. "

    Would this battery pack be considered an internal battery? It's an LED strip with an internal battery holder which holds three AA batteries.

    Team 6081 i²r robotics

    A: Yes. The above product is an example of a vendor supplied battery for LED's as allowed by <RE03>.g


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      Wiring Conventions/Coloring

      Originally posted by FTC8681
      Rule <RE05>.h states:
      "Power and motor control wires must use consistent color coding with different colors used for the Positive (red, white, brown, or black with a stripe) and Negative/Common (black or blue) wires."

      It specifically states for "power and motor control". If we use extension wires for sensors (analog and i2c), does the "consistent color coding" portion of the above statement also apply? For example, if a sensor is soldered with 4 colored wires, and a 4 wire extension that has 4 different colors extends the connection to the DIM controller, is that legal?


      A: Yes. In your example, the wires you are extending include power/ground and have a color convention that denotes power/ground vs. signal. Care should be taken to match the convention. The colors used in your extensions do not need to be identical to the wiring that is being extended, but should be clearly identifiable and the same color convention you use should be applied consistently to all extensions.


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        Servo Current Limits

        Originally posted by FTC8045
        We don't see limits for servo Amperage in the Game manual, but do note that the MR modules are only rated for 1.5A per servo and that according to ServoCity, the stall current for quarterscale servos is 1.8A and the popular 645MG servos is 1.6A. We're not sure this poses a real safety problem, but would like to confirm that the use of quarterscale servos and the 645MG servos are legal even though the specs on the servo controller say we shouldn't be using them.

        A: This question has already been addressed. Please see post #9 under the Robot Inspection and build Rules - Electrical - Answer thread.


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          Servo Stall Current Limits

          Originally posted by FTC8907
          Just a quick question to clarify what the limits are on the servos we are allowed to use.

          <RE04> states that the servos are limited to 12 in number and that any compatible servos are allowed barring the fact that they don't overload the servo controller. But then on this document posted: it states clearly that all servos must be rated at 800mA or less.

          Can you please clarify? Thank you

          A: As long as the servo is compatible with the servo controller and the total stall current for all servos controlled by a single controller does not exceed 5 amps the servo is allowed.