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The Judging Process - Answer Thread

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  • The Judging Process - Answer Thread

    You'll find answers to questions about the Judging Process posted in this thread.

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    Engineering Notebook Structure

    Originally posted by FTC6996
    Are teams allowed to break their engineering notebook into more than one physical book? If so, can we separate our notebooks into the following proposed sections:
    · Book 1 – Summary, Table of Contents, Team/Mentor Bios, Preseason Activities, and the Engineering Section
    · Book 2 – General Team Meetings/Marketing Design (Non-engineering), Outreach, and Business Plan?

    Yes, a team may submit two Engineering Notebooks to the Judges. There are no restrictions about how the information must be separated.


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      The Judging Process - Answer Thread

      Originally posted by FTC8477
      Trying to clearly understand the meaning of requirement #2 from the Engineering Notebook guidelines excerpt below:
      "2. Attach a summary page to the front cover of the Engineering Notebook. The summary should be one
      page and include a summary narrative about the Team, school, or organization with bulleted highlights
      of the Team’s season. The Team summary page should also include the Team number and a list of
      pages in the Engineering Notebook that the Team would most like the Judges to consider."

      My general question is what does "attach a summary page to the front cover" mean?

      More specifically, How is it supposed to be attached? Paper clipped, taped, or some other method?
      And is it attached to the outside of front cover or to the inside of the front cover?
      Is the intent for this to be something that the judges can easily remove and keep for reference as they look at the list of pages the team most wants the judges to consider? Or will it remain a permanent part of the engineering notebook?

      Thanks for the clarification.

      rOHMing Robots, 8477

      Thanks for the great question!

      We intended for the summary page to be something that teams can create and update as they like, and if they like, throughout the season. A paper clip or binder clip would be the most simple way to attach the Summary Sheet, but tape would work just as well. Teams should remember to put their team number on the Summary Sheet in case it becomes separated from the Engineering Notebook.


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        Engineering Notebook Requirements

        Originally posted by FTC8808
        In previous years, the engineering notebook entries were required to have a table with one column being Tasks and another being Refections (5.4.1 #7).

        That requirement seems to have disappeared from 2015 Game Manual Part 1 (7.3.4). Does that mean we now have free reign on how to organize our entries?

        Thank you.

        Thanks for the question! We have made significant changes to the Engineering Notebook requirements, and this is one of them. Teams may organize their entries in any way they like, but, please keep in mind that Judges will expect to see chronological entries and a deviation from that might make it difficult for a Judge to properly evaluate the work.


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          The Judging Process - Answer Thread

          Originally posted by FTC4221
          Hi, FTC Staff. Is our whole team allowed to come to the interview, and is everyone allowed to speak?
          Thanks, Team 4221.

          Hello FTC4221!

          Thanks for the great question!

          We strongly encourage every student member of the team to attend and participate in the Judges Interview. Judges want to know that you're a team, and they want to hear from everyone. We do ask you to remember that this year, there is a hard limit of 15 students per team. If your team happens to be larger than that, please consider starting a second team, and be aware that there may not be space for everyone in the interview room.

          Some events allow adult team members (coaches, mentors) to be present for the Judges interview, and some events do not allow adult team members into the interview. Check with your event organizer to see if there are any restrictions about that. If adult team members are allowed to be present, they must take the role of 'silent observer'. Adult team members may not participate in the actual interview.

          Good luck in your Judging Interviews!



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            Time for Judging at World

            Originally posted by FTC6081
            Prior to East Super Regionals, the organizers let teams know that judging interviews would be 20 minutes long, with 10 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for questions. This was extremely helpful for teams preparing for the event. Is there information available about interviews for teams at Worlds? How long will the interview sessions be, and is there time reserved for questions?


            FTC 6081 i²r robotics
            Thanks for the question! At the World Championship, teams will have 20 minute sessions with the Judges. There is no specific time within that 20 minutes that is reserved for questions.

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