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Tournament Rules - Answer Thread

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  • Tournament Rules - Answer Thread

    You'll find answers to questions about The Tournament posted in this thread.

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    Originally posted by FTC9872
    Hi, this is our rookie year, our team was just wondering if we can use any gamepad for our driver station at tournaments, or do we have to use the controller that came with our kit? Thanks in advance!
    The Logitech F310 Gamepad is the only approved gamepad per rule <RE01>c.


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      Drivers Box and Driver Stations

      Originally posted by FTC2844
      Will all (or most) Tournaments supply some sort of table or stand for driver control stations? Sort of like an FRC drivers station with a small ledge.

      1. We would like to make a small briefcase to told the driver station phone and controllers when transporting. Would this be allowed?
      2a. Are we allowed to use a small tripod that holds the phones and controllers?
      2b. Would it have to be within the drivers box, or can it sit between the drivers box and field?

      Hello Team!

      Tournaments will supply a small stand for each alliance to place their controllers and driver station on for the autonomous portion of the match.

      Your team may make a small briefcase to transport the driver station phone and controllers.
      You may not bring a small tripod to the field to hold the phone and controller.
      Additional materials may not be brought to the competition area.


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        DIY Field

        Originally posted by FTC7999
        I am building the DIY mountain and was wondering about the heights of the hurdles. The DIY version calls for 1"x2"s (1-1/2" high) hurdles for the lower mountain and 1"x4"s (3-1/2" high) for the upper hurdles. The Andy-Mark mountain uses churros which are 1/2" dia. At what height (from flat panel to top of churros) are the churros installed on the competition mountain?
        On the AndyMark Competition Fields, the top of the churro to the top of the panel is 1.34". The DIY field hurdle is 1.5" nominally and that would shrink if a team elects to add the sheep plastic to the lowest section of the mountain. The allowance was built in for Teams that would like to add the plastic sheet, as the plastic sheet recommended in the DIY guide acts more similarly to the Competition Fields.


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          Drivers Box and Driver Stations

          Originally posted by FTC5501
          According to the Field Configuration Guide found under the volunteer resources:

          "Affiliate Partners, Event Directors, and Teams are encouraged to use the type of stand that works best for them and is readily available. We encourage you to come up with creative solutions; however we also encourage you to steer clear of using metal stands, as these could block the signal from the Driver Station to the Robot Controller. Tables are also not a viable option, as they block the Team’s ability to see the Field or their Robot. This also hinders the sightlines for the FTA and Referees on the Field."

          We are confused because a previous forum post as to if we will be able to make our own stand and bring it to the field or if we have to use the repurposed rolling goal stands. Can you clarify this?
          Sorry about the confusion. The guidelines cited above are for Event Organizers. We'll make sure to update the resource so it doesn't suggest that teams should bring their own drivers station stand.

          Event Organizers will provide a stand for teams to use to hold their drivers station phones and controllers during autonomous, and to hold their drivers station phones, if they wish, during driver controlled periods. Alternately, teams may use an armband to hold their phones for the duration of the match. Please be advised that if your robot is having trouble, the first place an FTA will look for your drivers station phone is on the stand.

          If teams wish to practice with a stand that is likely to be similar to what event organizers will provide, they may make one using game elements from last season, or purchase one from AndyMark.

          I'm sorry about the confusion. I hope this helps.
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            Drivers Box and Driver Stations

            Originally posted by FTC5501
            In the initial releases of the new technology I thought it was inferred that we would be able to create our own stand to keep the phones on during autonomous and Tele-Op. This stand would provide a way for the drivers to see the drivers station phone and read data off of it that the robot may be sending to it. From the most recent post it sounds as if we are only allowed to bring our robot, driver station phone, and up to 2 gamepads to the competition area. It also sounds as if we have to sit our phones on a stand during autonomous that we will share with our alliance and once tele-op starts then either leave it on the shared stand or have the coach hold it. Can you clarify this ruling?

            At the field, the event organizer will provide two drivers station stands for each alliance box. One of the three team members in the drivers box may hold the phone after the Autonomous Period is over, or leave it on the stand. Alternately, a team member may 'wear' the phone in an armband. Please note that if a robot is having trouble on the field, the first place an FTA will look for the drivers station phone is on the drivers station stand.
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              DIY Mountain measurement

              Originally posted by FTC7999
              While building the DIY mountain, I noticed that a lower churro in the mountain arch is not part of the DIY plans. Can I get the approximate location for this churro?
              The churro is 16.3" from the top of the pull-up bar.


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                stands and usb hub

                Originally posted by FTC10131
                Regarding <RG07> and Driver Stations: What, if anything, can teams do customize, protect, and support Driver Station cables and electronics?

                To be clear what we are asking about, the following questions arose in our discussions and we were not sure whether they would be allowed under <RG07> or not: Can teams mount their driver stations (Android device, cables, hub) together on one small handheld board to make them easier to carry and to help make sure that the cables don't become unplugged during a match? Can teams bring boxes or small tables to the match to put their Driver Station hardware in or on as long as they are below the height of the field perimeter? Can teams use alternate USB hubs or do they have to use the FTC kit hubs?
                Tournaments will supply a small stand for each alliance to place their controllers and driver station on for the autonomous portion of the match.
                Your team can mount the drivers station to a handheld board for easier transportation of the driver station phone and controllers.
                You may not bring boxes or tables to the field to hold the drivers station.
                <RG07>a.iii does not specify that the USB hub must be used from the kit; only that this must be a non-powered USB hub. Alternatives to the USB hub is acceptable as long as it follows the guideline in the stated rule.


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                  Zip Line Trigger

                  Originally posted by FTC6981
                  The zip line trigger paddle assembly is VERY vague, and could really effect matches if people interpret them differently. Once a zip line trigger paddle is moved forward, should it be assembled such that it stays down? Or, should it be assembled loosely so that it pops back up again? We believe it should most likely stay down so that as you trigger the ones further up the mountain, those zip liners can fall down. However, if the paddles are assembled loosely, if you trigger #1, and it releases its zip liner and it pops back up, then if you trip #2, you would have to trip #1 again to release #2.

                  The instructions are not clear at all, and in fact, they state the paddles should move freely. If we read that correctly, this makes the zip line triggering MUCH more difficult. Please clarify this field assembly question so that each event can have these units assembled properly.

                  FTC 6981
                  Hi Team,

                  The Zip Line Triggers are design so that once they have been triggered by a Robot and the Climber is released, the trigger should go back to its starting orientation. The release mechanism at the top of the mountain should remain open so that it doesn’t block subsequent climbers.

                  Please see the most recent version of the Field Assembly Guide on the FTC Game Page for further instructions to verify the Zip Line is set up correctly, and how to test the Zip Line release system.
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                    Originally posted by FTC5020
                    After installing the release and triggers for the ziplines it appears that the releases return to their position once let go. So if you hit the second release you will need to hit the first release again in order to release the yellow man down the zipline. So essentially the triggers must be done in reverse order, is this accurate?
                    The Zip Line Triggers are designed so that once they have been triggered by a Robot and the Climber is released, the trigger should go back to its starting orientation. The release mechanism at the top of the mountain should remain open so that it doesn’t block subsequent climbers


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                      Originally posted by FTC6705
                      Hello -

                      Our team was considering adding some small pieces of red & blue tape to the standard game controllers as reminders for the drivers. Is this legal?

                      Labeling your game controllers with tape is legal.


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                        phone clip gamepad

                        Originally posted by FTC8668
                        According to game rule 1.5.1, it states"...(teams) may not touch their driver stations until the Autonomous Period has ended." However, I wanted to know specifically if we would be allowed to use a phone mount for the remote, similar to this:

                        Now, I know that we are not allowed to touching the remote during the autonomous period, but this would certainly be easier than having the phone sitting on the floor or having driver 2 hold it.

                        Thanks for your time and good luck, teams!
                        -FTC team 8668
                        Hi Team,

                        This would be allowed as long as it was placed on a stand (provided by the Event Director) during the autonomous period.


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                          Tournament Match Assignment Software?

                          Originally posted by FTC6389
                          Now that the FCS is no longer in use, what software will FTC tournament officials be using to randomly generate the match assignments, and where can we download the software for use in scrimmages?


                          - FTC Team 6389
                          The Lazybotts
                          Hello Team!

                          The random match assignments are generated by the Scoring System, using an algorithm developed by Idle Loop Software Design. You can download a copy of the Scoring software on our FTC Volunteer Resources page

                          (Big Thanks to Idle Loop Software Design - you guys are awesome!)

                          Thanks for the question!
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                            Match Time Displays

                            Originally posted by FTC4448
                            Is there going to be some mechanism to have a clock running during the match (as previous years) so the drivers know how much time is left in each match period and when the end game time has been reached?
                            Thanks for your question. There will be shot clocks at the field with the standard 'field sounds'.


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                              Goal Baskets

                              Originally posted by FTC8743
                              We are wondering if the mountain baskets are going to be attached to the mountain? If they aren't attached, then putting debris in the wrong way or dumping them would make the whole basket fall over, and give the other team points. If they aren't going to be attached, is it against the rules to pick up the basket with the robot, put debris in it, and put it back on the mountain?
                              The Goal Baskets are attached to the Mountain using zip ties. Please see page 10 of the AndyMark Field Setup Guide located on the FIRST website.
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