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    Originally posted by FTC1000
    Hello Game Design,

    May additional team members accompany the drive team to the playing field area during the elimination round to help repair the robot between matches? If so, how many team members is acceptable?

    Thank you!
    Please see Rule <T7> - Only three Team representatives are permitted in the Competition Area; two (2) student drivers, and one (1) coach who are identified by badges designating ‘driver’ or ‘coach.’ These badges are interchangeable within a Team in between Matches. Only student Team members wearing a badge designated as ‘driver’ may drive the Robot during the Match.

    This rule applies to both Qualification and Elimination Matches.


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      Originally posted by FTC1000
      Hello Game Design,

      At the event that I attend, teams that play in the elimination round are not permitted to move between the pit area and the field area to make repairs. Is there any limit to what I can bring with me to the playing field area during the elimination round? My team built two large mobile carts that carry our supply of tools and spare parts. We have a mechanism to power a number of batteries when we power the cart. Is this acceptable?

      Thank you!
      FIRST has set no requirement or guidelines to allow or disallow additional equipment at the field. Generally, space is the determining factor. It is unlikely that most events would have the space to allow a team to bring two carts to the field. Teams should plan accordingly, and only bring with them the most essential items.


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        Anti Static Spray

        Originally posted by FTC5380
        We are using anti-static spray(thanks Cougar robotics) on our home field to help minimize lost connections due to static buildup on the field. It seems to help a lot. We were wondering if you would authorize the use of the spray on the fields at official events. We recently asked about it at a qualifier and the tech coordinator said that they would need official authorization from FIRST to treat fields.


        Team 5380

        Thanks for your question!

        Event organizers may, at their discretion, apply Anti Static spray to their fields, if they're in very dry environments. We've asked event organizers who plan to use Anti Static spray to notify their teams well in advance of their event. We have found that the new robot technology is very resistant to static, and spray seems to be less necessary this season.

        There are some resources available to teams to help them better protect their robot from any static that might occur - you can find that information here:
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          Originally posted by FTC4997

          We were wondering if it is legal for a driver to wear a GoPro to record a clear video of the matches. All Wi-Fi and radio connection for it is disabled, and it is solely used to record the matches, and the driver is wearing it on him on his chest. There seems to be no rule specifically allowing or disallowing it, so we are requesting clarification on its legality. Thanks!
          GoPro cameras are allowed as long as it does not violate any other rule, most specifically the Tournament Rules outlined in section 4.9 of the Game Manual Part I.


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            Originally posted by FTC10559
            Can you explain the following R/QP/RP/M. I understand QP and RP, but what is R and M? We received the following at today's contest - 12:9/358/14

            Hi Team,

            12:9/358/14 would be decoded as follows:
            R = Ranking in the league = 12th
            QP= Qualifying Points
            RP = Ranking Points
            M = 14 is the number of matches scored in this year's league play

            This format of rankings is displayed by the Scoring System when the "Team Rankings" display is selected.


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              Scoring System Display

              Originally posted by sallywei
              I have a question concerning the configuration of the scoring system and displays. In the manual it says that we need to have a local area network for multiple displays. Is it possible to do this using a wireless network? And if yes, please give specifics on how to do this. Is the max number of displays using the wired LAN 3?

              The scoring system displays can be run using a wireless network. To do so you would need to set up a router, and connect the scoring computer along with a computer in the pit area/audience area to that Wi-Fi network. As long as these computers are connected to that router, you will be able to run the scoring system displays from the main scoring computer.

              There is no limit on the number of displays the scoring system can run at a time.


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                Field Perimeter Height

                Originally posted by FTC5073
                We made our own field walls. At our last tournament we discovered that the rescue beacon button height was not at the height we were expecting. This was because our walls are not the correct height. Because of this we had problems pushing the button.

                Can two to three people with official field walls, measure the distance from the field floor to the middle of a rescue beacon button to the nearest 1/8".

                Thank you,
                Team 5073
                Per rule <G23> from the Game Manual Part II: Playing Field and Game Elements will start each Match with tolerances that may vary by as much as +/-1.0 inch (2.5cm). Teams must design their Robots accordingly.

                This applies to the field perimeter walls as well as all game and scoring elements. Teams must remember that there are a few different variations of field perimeters, and this can potentially change the height of the Rescue Beacon button. It is also possible that an event can have one type of field perimeter for the practice fields, and a different perimeter on the competition fields. The following measurements are approximate heights of each field type:

                • AndyMark Field Perimeter (newest version): 12’ 3/4"
                • IFI Field Perimeter: 11’ 5/8"
                • Logo Loc Field Perimeter: 12’ 3/8"

                Teams should be sure to design their Robot to accommodate for the potential variance in the beacon button height.


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                  Advancement Criteria

                  Originally posted by FTC1000
                  In Part 1 of the Game Manual, the advancement criteria starting at 17 says

                  "Highest Ranked Team* not previously advanced until all spaces are filled, beginning with the Winning Division and alternating to the Finalist Division Team of equal rank".

                  Can you clarify what that means?

                  Thanks for your question!

                  The advancements alternate between divisions. Spot 17 goes to the highest ranked team not already advancing from the division the Winning Alliance is from. Spot 19 goes to the highest ranked team not already advancing from the division the Finalist Alliance is from. Spot 21 goes to the next highest ranked team not already advancing from the division the Winning Alliance is from. Spot 23 goes to the next highest ranked team not already advancing from the division the Finalist Alliance is from. These advancements follow this pattern, alternating between awards, until all spots are filled.

                  The "equal rank" statement in the advancement criteria is misleading. It does not mean that advancements happen from one division only until an equal ranking is reached. It does not mean that rankings for both divisions are combined.

                  I hope that helps to clarify, and I apologize that the language in our advancement list isn't more clear. We'll work to remedy that in the advancement criteria for future seasons.

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                    Originally posted by FTC5326
                    In the elimination rounds of a regional/state championship match, we requested an alliance timeout. Our request was denied because it was not called "at least two minutes (2:00) prior to their next Match’s starting time." <T11>

                    What is considered the match starting time? Is there anything an alliance can reference? Since there is only one timeout allowed, it is critical that the alliance wait to call one to see if repairs cannot be made within the time available.

                    This championship was two-divisions, so there were four fields, with a semi-final happening on each field alternately.

                    Hopefully, our need for a timeout won't be needed again because our robot is more robust, but you never know!

                    FTC Team 5326, The Enterprisers
                    Reno/Virginia City, Nevada
                    Per Rule <T11>, teams are given a guaranteed minimum of 5 min between consecutive matches. That gives a team 3 minutes from the completion of the match to call for a timeout. The timeout would begin two minutes later, i.e. when their match is supposed to start, not from the moment they call for timeout.


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                      Originally posted by gorpong
                      Rule <RS03> in the Game Manual Part I states:

                      Does this apply to the SDK version of the FTC Robot Controller application, or simply the language and processes used (e.g., <RS03.a - RS03.c> stating Android Studio, AppInventor and JNI)?

                      There isn't any RS03 requirement on the inspection checklists so the intention of this particular rule is not yet clear. If it's a rule without any validation procedures or checklist item then, arguably, it's not really a rule but more of a guideline. In the last event while there wasn't a checklist item to check for teams, we did ask the inspectors to CHECK and RECORD the API version number on the inspection checklist. What we found were teams all over the map! We had some on 1.5, some on 1.25, a few on 1 and there was at least ONE team that was still on the PRE-RELEASE version!

                      Furthermore, given that Super Regionals for some areas are starting in two weeks and 1.6 is still in Beta, if the beta period goes longer than the next few days that might not leave teams enough time to fully test all of their OpModes in the new version, so if the intention of this rule-without-a-validation is to be "must be on most recent SDK version" then I think we need to do a couple of things:

                      1. Let all teams know that this is a requirement and they need to be prepared for it
                      2. Probably change that requirement to allow the latest update and up to one revision back (e.g., 1.5 and 1.6, once 1.6 is released)

                      At any event, some sort of clarification for us would be greatly appreciated!


                      -- Gordon.
                      The intent of <RS03> was not to require all teams at event to upgrade to the most current version of the software. Instead, the statement "If updates are announced by FIRST later in the season, Teams must install them prior to the time of competition" was intended to provide FIRST with the flexibility to require teams to update their software in the event that a critical fix was needed for the software. For example, if there were an important safety or security-related fix that was released to address a critical issue with the software, then FIRST could invoke this clause of RS03 and require teams to update their software before a specified date.

                      Rule <RS03> does not require that teams upgrade to the newest updates in general. A mandatory upgrade would only be invoked if FIRST determined that there was a critical software fix that had to be adopted by the teams.

                      In general, FIRST recommends that teams have a minimum version of 1.25 (for the FTC Driver Station and FTC Robot Controller apps). FIRST also recommends that the version numbers of the FTC Driver Station and FTC Robot Controller apps match (for example, if a team uses v 1.77 of the Robot Controller software, then the team should also use v1.77 for the Driver Station). FIRST does not require that teams update to the most currently released software (even though it is often beneficial for teams to update to a more current version of the software).

                      Also, teams are permitted to use the beta (pre release) versions of the FTC SDK software and the MIT App Inventor appliance. Teams should be aware, however, that the beta software is considered pre-release, and that they are using it at their own risk.