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Please Read This First!

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  • Please Read This First!

    Hello and Welcome to the New Technology Forum. You have been invited to participate in this forum to share your thoughts, ideas and questions about FTC's new technology. To post to this forum, you can use your existing account, or you can register for a new account. The information you share and discover in this forum will likely be used to provide training materials to new users, both team and volunteer alike. This forum is lightly moderated. Please remember to be gracious to one another.

    Thank you for participating!

    **To Create a Thread, please click on the "Post New Thread" button. To post within an existing Thread, please click on the "Reply to Thread" button. If you run into trouble with the forum, please send an email to [email protected] and use the subject "Technology Forum Help"

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    As a Tech Team developer, I'd like to make an additional suggestion: I (and most of my co-developers) scan this forum, looking for people to help.

    Most times when a coach or student posts for help with a problem that's got them stumped, they would get help MUCH faster if they posted some additional background information.
    Quite often we have to attempt to diagnose the problem "in the blind" because there are some crucial facts missing.

    I would suggest that anyone asking for help, END their post with the following information:

    1) What type of robot hardware are you using? Modern Robotics, REV Expansion or mixed.

    2) What type of phone are you using? ZTE, Moto G2, Motor 4 Play or other.

    3) How did you transfer the FTC App to your Phone? Android Studio Download, Play Store download, Other?

    4) CRITICAL !!!! If you used Android Studio to deploy your app... DID YOU TURN OFF AUTO RUN? You MUST do this. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    File / Settings / Build-Execution-Deployment / Instant Run (uncheck)

    5) What is the version of the RC App? Use the menu to show the About screen. Rev 3.4 is currently rev, but it could be 3.1 or 2.62 or even 2.4 if it's from early last year.

    6) If you are having trouble configuring your robot, are you using the RC phone to do it?
    If not (you are using the DS phone), you MUST have paired with the robot and be connected (Numbers showing in Ping Times)

    7) Is this a problem that has started since you made a change to the system? What was that change?

    8) If you need help doing something new, have you checked the sample programs to see if there is already an example for you to emulate?

    9) If you are having crashes or disconnects or anomalous behavior, be ready to provide a copy of you log file (found on phone) to help in debugging.

    ps: Anyone should feel free to link to this post when people ask blind questions.



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      Originally posted by Philbot View Post
      As a Tech Team developer, ... Philbot.
      I think it would be helpful to the newer teams [and to the older teams] to formally identify the Tech Team members, and to have this information accessible and kept up-to-date.

      Here is what I have gleaned thus far:

      Tech Team Member Role Forum ID GitHub ID Team Affiliation(s)
      Tom Eng FTC staff Tom Eng ftctechnh ???
      Phil Malone volunteer Philbot gearsincorg 2818
      Robert Atkinson volunteer FTC0417 rgatkinson 417, ???
      ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

      I don't think all of the members need to be mentioned; just the ones that post on this forum and on GitHub.