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Video Intro to the Android Next Gen System

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  • Video Intro to the Android Next Gen System

    I was hoping to get this out much earlier, but better late than never!

    I have noticed that a lot of people (some of which are on my own team) are very confused with the new system, and for good reason. It is much more complicated than the RobotC/NXT system. I can only imagine how confused some of the young rookie teams are. To hopefully combat this, I created a video that is a comprehensive step by step guide to getting started with the new system.

    Some of the topics are:
    -Overview of the New System (00:50)
    -Setting up and Installing Stuff (4:23)
    -Setting up the Devices (13:56)
    -Connecting the Device to Android Studio (28:14)
    -Building the Robot Controller App (36:18)

    This is intended to be simple enough that even a complete beginner can watch and get a solid point of knowledge to start from.

    Hope this is helpful!


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    DakotaSamuel - thanks for posting this intro. It is very well done and will be very helpful to any students still getting familiar with this system. Your comment on connecting the joysticks to the hub before the phone solved a persistent issue we were stumbling over. At one point you mentioned the ability to roll your own custom sensors, which you can do with the DCIM. I just want to point out that it seems illegal to build custom sensors in the actual game rules this year. But again - Thanks!


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      I appreciate the kind words! Glad it helped you! Pertaining to the ability to make your own sensors, I might have just been repeating some old information. On some of the early videos by FTC they mentioned that this would be doable. Here is one. I may have just misinterpreted it though. I just reread the section of the rules pertaining to sensors and additional electric devices.

      <RE06> Additional Robot electronics are subject to the following constraints:
      a. Light sources (including LEDs) are allowed; these may not be focused or directed in any way (for
      example: lasers and mirrors are not allowed).
      b. Sensors
      i. Sensors from any manufacturer may be connected to the Core Device Interface Module.
      ii. Legacy Sensors are allowed and must be directly connected to the Core Legacy Module.
      iii. The HiTechnic Touch Sensor Multiplexor (NTX1060) is allowed.
      iv. The HiTechnic Sensor Multiplexor (NSX2020) is not allowed.
      c. Video recording devices (GoPro or similar) are allowed providing they are used only for non-functional
      post Match entertainment and the wireless capability is turned off.
      d. Other electronics are not allowed.
      I think I might post to the game rules Q & As for clarification. I seem to remember in previous years that protoboards and creation of custom devices was allowed, but I may be dreaming.



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        You're not dreaming, but they aren't allowed this year. See this post on the forum: