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IMU sensor tip: No error code shown

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  • IMU sensor tip: No error code shown

    This is a tip for those using the BNO055 IMU sensor:

    We are using a seven-slot housing on the cable that attaches to the IMU. The IMU is a six-pin sensor. If the connector is offset slightly, any Auton program using the sensor will freeze upon hitting play. No error code is thrown, unlike when the connector is installed backwards in the DIM and you get the code "Unexpected i2c device." This made for very frustrating troubleshooting for us when the connector was removed and incorrectly reinstalled just before competition -- we spent countless hours swapping out cables to modules, which seems to be the #1 physical problem suggested by this forum, as well as replacing the modules themselves.

    My suggestion is that a future SDK update should address issues where sensors are installed incorrectly, causing some sort of helpful code is thrown on the DS. In the meantime, if you have an Auton program that doesn't go to emergency stop but doesn't run either, look to your sensors. (For the IMU, the seven-pin housing should be aligned flush with the VIN pin, not RST on the other side).

    FTC 8133