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USB issues - this worked for us - what worked for you?

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  • USB issues - this worked for us - what worked for you?

    The team I coach as well as many other teams I've worked with have been having these random E-stops and problems. Of course they've been well documented here. I figured I would share my latest story.

    My team's qualifier is tomorrow so we've been meeting all week getting ready. A few days ago we replaced our legacy module which meant we had to get create a new config file on the robot controller phone. Problem was that just the slight wiggles of tapping in the names on the phone would cause the connection to be dropped and so we would have to start the config process over. Ugh. Noticed that the LED flashed each time we lost connection. Replaced that white cable from the phone to the PDM module with cable from - problem went away.

    Yesterday was pretty much just driving practice. Kept getting E-stop half way thru the teleop time. Moved the phone to make it more secure. Did strain relief on that USB cable from phone to PDM. Didn't help - if anything made it worse. Last 7 or 8 matches we were not able to run full 2 minutes once (although 1 or 2 were due to a roll down the mountain <sigh>).

    Tonight made 3 changes and we were able to run all evening with not one E-stop.
    1) Ferrite core snapped on to phone to PDM cable and another on PDM to legacy module
    2) Phone to PDM cable moved and fastened so it wasn't next to drive motor (about 1.5" away now)
    3) Robot wiped down with anti-static juice.

    I'm not sure which of those things helped - but we aren't about to argue with the results at this point. :-) (my suspicion is #2)

    I've heard of another local team (LazyBots) that has switched to G2 phones and has been having much better results.

    So after feeling pretty down last night, tonight I'm feeling much more confident.