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Modern Robotics Color Sensor Light Not Turning On

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  • Modern Robotics Color Sensor Light Not Turning On

    Hello All,

    We wanted to use a Modern Robotics Color Sensor and when we plugged it in and powered on the robot, the light would flicker on and then turn off. When we sent the enableLed command to the sensor, the light wouldn't turn on. Anybody experience this?

    Thank you,
    FTC 9794

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    This sounds like an issue I've come across. I believe the quickly flickering on and off is normal. The color sensor remembers if it was off before and will turn itself off when it sees that, presumably turning itself on before actually checking. However, at least last time I checked, there is an issue with the ModernRoboticsI2cColorSensor class. Essentially, it assumes that the LED in the sensor is always on at startup, and refuses to turn it on when it is already on (or off when it is already off). The solution:

    Tell it to turn the LED off and the immediately back on.

    If you're interested, you can read about the issue on Github.


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      We were able to fix it by using Modern Robotics Core Device Discovery


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        RollerCoaster45.. What was the issue, and how did you "fix" it with the CDD?


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          So the issue was when the enableLed command was sent through Android Studio and the FTC SDK, the Led would not turn on. To fix this, I went into CCD and typed in the I2C address of the sensor and hex command to turn the LED on. This seemed to fix the problem.