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SDK 3.1 Robot Controller app cannot find Rev Expansion Hub

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  • SDK 3.1 Robot Controller app cannot find Rev Expansion Hub

    When I download the controller app from the app store it works fine. It finds the Rev Expansion hub and lets me make a configuration. But when I build the app in Android Studio it cannot find any USB devices.

    If I try activating a configuration on the phone that was set up with the app store app, I get the following error:

    unable to create robot:Robot failed to start:Attempt to invoke interface method ' tion.ConfigurationType.isDeviceFlavor(com.qualcomm .robotcore.hardware.configuration.UserConfiguratio nType$Flavor)' on a null object reference

    Any suggestions?

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    Turns out to be the "Instant Run" problem. Instant Run needs to be disabled Android Studio in File->Settings->Build, Execution, Deployment->Instant Run


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      Thanks train_depot , we had the same problem with our first test of the new controller and this corrections solved it instantly:

      Michael P Clark
      Founding Mentor, FTC 9958
      "We're Hooked on FIRST"